Do Your Homework Before Refinancing Your Home

Do Your Homework Before Refinancing Your Home
Refinancing your mortgage may be very beneficial to​ your personal finances .​
The best way to​ make sure that you​ are able to​ enjoy the​ full benefits of​ a​ home loan refinance,​ do your homework before you​ choose a​ loan program or​ mortgage lender .​
By taking the​ time to​ conduct proper research on​ the​ front end,​ you​ can position yourself to​ pursue the​ most beneficial refinancing options.
Compare Lenders
Don't stick with the​ first lender you​ come across without shopping around .​
The first lender may very well have the​ best deal,​ but you​ won't know that until you​ compare .​
Check out several providers and make concrete comparisons between total payments for the​ amount financed over the​ same loan period,​ so you​ can identify who really has the​ most cost-effective loan program.
Look for Good Customer Service
You don't want to​ be stuck with a​ lender or​ that provides poor customer service .​
Make sure that the​ companies you​ are thinking about working with make excellent customer service a​ priority .​
Companies that don't treat you​ well when you​ are a​ prospective customer certainly are not going to​ provide good service once they have a​ lock on​ your business.
Find Out the​ Total Cost
Make sure you​ find out the​ details of​ all fees associated with refinancing .​
Don't fall for promises of​ low fees and the​ best rate without finding out the​ exact amount of​ all associated fees and the​ interest rate .​
Make sure you​ know the​ exact amount you​ will have to​ write a​ check for each month before signing on​ the​ dotted line for a​ home loan refinance.
Evaluate the​ Lender's Website
Before you​ enter personal financial information into an​ online form to​ apply for refinancing online,​ take a​ good look at​ the​ company's website .​
Make sure that the​ website is​ appropriate for a​ legitimate lender .​
Verify that it​ is​ professionally written and easy to​ navigate.
Avoid Agreeing to​ Arbitration
It is​ not advisable to​ enter an​ agreement with a​ lender that requires the​ use of​ arbitration to​ settle any disputes that might arise .​
If you​ agree to​ mandatory arbitration,​ you​ are forfeiting many of​ your legal rights in​ the​ event a​ legal dispute related to​ your loan arises.
Find Out About Prepayment Penalties
If you​ are planning to​ pay off your refinanced mortgage early,​ you​ should avoid selecting a​ loan that includes a​ prepayment penalty .​
Some loans can be paid off any time without any type of​ penalty .​
At the​ opposite extreme,​ the​ terms of​ some home loans allow lenders to​ charge as​ much as​ six months of​ interest fees on​ as​ much as​ 85% of​ the​ original balance of​ the​ loan.
It isn't hard for borrowers with good credit to​ qualify for loans that don't have prepayment penalties .​
However,​ if​ you​ don't ask and verify the​ terms of​ your contract,​ you​ may be in​ for an​ unpleasant surprise if​ you​ try to​ pay your mortgage off early.
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