Do You Know Your Pets

Pets are truly amazing. Not just for the​ reasons they make us feel as​ we adopt them and make us part of​ our families,​ but for so many reasons we aren’t really even aware of. These loveable animals we think we know,​ just how well do we really know them?

Take for example the​ cat. This household pet is​ one of​ the​ most common pets which everyone thinks they understand. Ask anyone what they consider a​ strange or​ exotic pet and I don’t’ think anyone would say the​ cat. Yet there is​ so much unknown about this very ‘common’ pet.

In fact there are also some things which people think they know which just isn’t true. For example; catgut. Catgut used to​ be used for strings on​ a​ tennis racket and in​ musical instruments. But these actually did not come from a​ cat at​ all. Catgut originated from pigs,​ horses,​ and sheep. I bet your cat will sleep better tonight knowing that piece of​ information!

The cat also for some reason has gotten the​ reputation for being independent and quite finicky. And with that reputation would you​ be surprised to​ find out that the​ average cat actually consumes around 128,​000 calories a​ year. That is​ over 28 times its own body weight! Not only that,​ they drink the​ same amount in​ liquids as​ well. Doesn’t sound too finicky,​ does it?

By the​ way,​ here is​ another interesting fact about a​ cat’s diet. a​ cat can not survive on​ vegetables alone. So if​ your cat looks like they want to​ become a​ vegan or​ something because they want to​ make a​ point,​ don’t believe them. They really would prefer a​ nice fish. Maybe you​ can just close your eyes and let them think we don’t know.

The diet of​ our pets stack up some pretty staggering figures. the​ next time someone looks at​ you​ strange for buying that expensive pet food you​ just revel in​ the​ knowledge that you​ are not alone. you​ and your fellow pet lovers spend over 1.5 billion (That’s billion with a​ B) dollars on​ pet food. That is​ four times the​ amount of​ money spent on​ baby food in​ the​ US!

Speaking of​ pet food,​ if​ you​ are a​ parrot owner you​ should know that your beloved bird can actually eat almost anything you​ eat except for avocados and chocolate. (Why you​ would be eating chocolate covered avocados is​ beyond me!) if​ your parrot gets a​ hold of​ either of​ those it​ might be its last supper as​ both are very toxic to​ parrots and can prove to​ be fatal.

So the​ next time you​ look at​ your pet,​ just think about all you​ don’t know about that beloved creature. Your pet is​ a​ world of​ mystery and one I’m sure you​ will enjoy discovering!
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