Creative Scrapbooking Albums For Your Pets

Scrapbooking is​ a​ wonderful way to​ preserve your cherished memories. For many people their pets are an​ important part of​ the​ family,​ so it​ is​ just natural to​ want to​ capture those special times shared with a​ beloved pet. you​ can use your favorite scrapbooking tools to​ make unique pages that you​ can enjoy for years to​ come.

As always,​ make sure the​ scrapbooking materials you​ use are acid and lignin free. You'll need the​ typical scrapbooking supplies such as​ an​ album,​ cut-outs,​ stickers,​ letter rub-ons,​ and any other creative embellishments you​ desire. Choose things related to​ your pet such as​ dog breed stickers or​ cat themed papers. Creating scrapbook pages for your pets is​ also a​ great way to​ get the​ kids involved.

To get started,​ you'll need to​ have some good photos of​ your pet. Try taking pictures from a​ variety of​ different angles and include your pet with different members of​ the​ family. if​ your dog has a​ favorite toy,​ include some special pictures of​ that as​ well. Do you​ celebrate your pet's birthday? Then by all means include some "birthday" photos in​ the​ scrapbook. My children even celebrate the​ birthdays of​ our fish!

Here are some fun theme ideas for creating your pet's scrapbook.

Focus on​ "the firsts". if​ you​ are fortunate enough to​ get your pet while he or​ she is​ still a​ baby,​ then create a​ scrapbook album around the​ "firsts". Even if​ you​ adopted your pet when it​ was older you​ can still create some great "first" scrapbook pages. Create a​ scrapbook page or​ album around your pet's first bath,​ coming home,​ first holidays,​ first visit to​ the​ park,​ first car ride,​ etc.

Another great scrapbook theme is​ "A Day in​ the​ Life of​ ________" which would include pages about your pet's morning routines,​ nap time,​ meal time,​ play time and favorite toys,​ and outdoor time. Trace your pet's paw print and include that in​ the​ pages too!

A theme around "pet favorites" is​ also a​ fun idea. Take photos and create pages around your pet's favorite activities. For a​ cat you​ might include pages on​ favorite toys and favorite nap places. For a​ dog,​ choose photos of​ favorite outdoor play or​ playtime with favorite toys.

Whatever kind of​ pet you​ have,​ you​ can enjoy creating special scrapbook pages that you​ will enjoy for years to​ come!
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