Creating Your First Online Business Web Site

As a​ web site designer I work with clients,​ but I also talk with online business newbies,​ and on​ a​ regular basis I see that people don't have a​ clue about what they should have as​ a​ web site. They know what they want but they don't realize the​ need for pre-planning the​ structure and content of​ a​ web site in​ today's market place,​ the​ Internet.

That led me to​ write this article. I trust it​ will help new online business owners preplan before they jump right into creating an​ online business web site that just sits there.

There are step-by-step solutions to​ online business web site success.

Step #1 - Target Group,​ finding your best prospects can be the​ difference between earning pennies and dollars.

Researching your ideal target group is​ so important that it​ should be step 1,​ 2 and 3. New online business owners don't seem to​ focus their attention on​ their target audience,​ instead they seem to​ think that if​ they build it​ people will come,​ and spend all their hard earned money on​ your site.

Well I guess it​ would be silly to​ make your target group focus as​ step 1-3,​ but when you​ think about it,​ your target group is​ all important in​ online business success and for that reason it​ should be part of​ all pre-planning steps. Without a​ target group you​ are just wasting your time and cluttering the​ Internet with more pages that will never be seen or​ read.

Okay so the​ first step is​ to​ know your target group. Learn all you​ can about them,​ because the​ more you​ know the​ more likely you​ will be to​ find more ways to​ sell to​ them. Plus you​ will be able to​ find complimentary products that your target audience would like.

Knowledge is​ POWER,​ but only if​ you​ apply the​ knowledge you​ gain to​ your Internet marketing and offline marketing.

Just a​ note about target groups. if​ you​ have a​ hobby that you​ spend lots of​ money on​ you​ should be setting up an​ online business to​ promote what you​ know best.

Step #2 - Keywords and Phrases your best prospect uses to​ find what you​ sell.

Your new online business web site will need to​ be keyword and content focused for best results. Spend plenty of​ time learning the​ keywords and phrases that your best prospect would type into a​ search engine text box to​ find exactly what they want.

Learn how to​ contact your target group and ask them some questions through surveys. the​ time you​ spend on​ learning your target audience will be time well spent and remember that your time is​ worth money. Everything comes down to​ your ROI - Return on​ Investment.

Your time is​ part of​ that investment,​ so make the​ best of​ it.

The more you​ learn the​ more you​ can earn,​ it​ is​ as​ simple as​ that.

Step #3 - Competition can be a​ online business destroyer if​ you​ are not prepared for it,​ but learning what they do can actually put you​ ahead of​ them in​ the​ major search engines.

If you​ take the​ time now to​ learn who you​ are competing with you​ will spend far less time changing your web site content later and again time is​ money. the​ more time you​ spend wasting your time the​ less income you​ will be earning and the​ more frustrated you​ will become. Eventually that leads to​ either total meltdown and quitting or​ it​ forces the​ Internet marketing newbie to​ spend the​ time learning and fixing web site problems.

So you​ see the​ time you​ spend at​ the​ beginning in​ pre planning your online business web site will be a​ much better ROI than trial and error strategies.

Find your competitor's web sites and learn all you​ can about their use of​ keywords and phrases they use to​ attract their target group. you​ will also want to​ view their source code to​ discover what keywords they use in​ their title,​ description and keyword tags.

Step #4 - Find sites that compliment your site and products.

Again your competitors can help you​ succeed. you​ can learn about web sites with products and services that would compliment your products and services and that means more income for you.

If you​ are selling cars you​ might just want links on​ your site that would show your prospects how they could improve the​ appearance or​ performance of​ their car.

Always try to​ make it​ a​ win-win situation. you​ provide the​ best products and services you​ can and in​ turn your target group will come back to​ your site and buy from you. Plus they will follow the​ links you​ have to​ more products and services.

So like I said from the​ start...

1. Know your target group
2. Learn the​ keywords your target group uses to​ find what you​ provide.
3. Study your competitors and do what they do for success and then go one step further.
4. Find sites that compliment yours and link with them so you​ provide better service to​ your target group.

Once you​ have done all your research you​ are ready to​ build.
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