Car Loan Refinancing When To Refinance Your Car Loan

Car Loan Refinancing - When to​ Refinance Your Car Loan
Want to​ save money? Lower your monthly payment? Then refinance your old car loan .​
Trade in​ your high interest rate loan for a​ lower rate,​ especially if​ your credit score has improved .​
You can also lower your payments by extending your loan terms,​ helping your cash flow.
Trading in​ High Rates
When rates drop,​ refinancing makes sense for both mortgage and car loans .​
Factor in​ the​ length of​ the​ car loan though when deciding whether to​ refinance .​
If you​ only have a​ year left on​ loan payments,​ then it​ won’t save you​ money to​ refinance since you​ have paid most of​ the​ interest up front.
You can also reduce your interest costs by refinancing for a​ shorter term .​
Reducing your loan by two years can easily shave over a​ thousands dollars off your interest charges,​ even with the​ same rate .​
Once again,​ you​ need to​ look at​ how long you​ have left on​ your original car loan to​ be sure you​ can save money.
Better Score,​ Better Rates
If you​ have improved your credit score since you​ first secured your car loan,​ you​ may find savings in​ better rates .​
So even if​ rates haven’t dropped for the​ general market,​ you​ may still qualify for better rates.
Besides making regular,​ on-time payments,​ you​ can improve your score by reducing your debt ratio .​
Your score also improves when none of​ your accounts are maxed out.
Lower Payment,​ Longer Term
Reduced rates aren’t the​ only reason to​ refinance .​
By rolling over to​ a​ longer term,​ you​ can reduce your monthly payment .​
Just remember that in​ the​ long run,​ you​ will be paying more for your car loan .​
However,​ when finances are tight,​ this option can keep you​ from defaulting on​ your loan or​ other bills.
Before jumping into a​ refinancing deal,​ be sure to​ investigate financing companies .​
Compare their APR,​ ask for free quotes,​ and read the​ fine print .​
Also check with your original lender to​ be sure there are no early payment fees .​
The best refinanced car loans are the​ ones where you​ save money .​
Taking the​ time to​ research financing offers will ensure that you​ find just such a​ deal.
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