Build Your Equity Faster By Refinancing

Build Your Equity Faster By Refinancing
There are a​ number of​ mortgages out there that give you​ low payments each month .​
Some of​ these mortgages,​ such as​ interest only,​ adjustable rate mortgages,​ and a​ few others,​ gave you​ the​ low payment up front - but it​ was at​ the​ expense of​ building up your equity .​
Here is​ how refinancing your mortgage can enable you​ to​ start building up your equity faster .​
Equity is​ the​ amount of​ cash you​ have available after you​ have lived in​ your home for some time .​
It is​ the​ difference between the​ current value of​ your home and the​ amount you​ still need to​ pay on​ your mortgage .​
Mortgages that allow you​ to​ make low payments up front,​ though,​ usually will use your cash to​ pay the​ interest - and it​ does not reduce the​ principal much – if​ at​ all .​
Your equity,​ however,​ can only be built up when you​ pay down the​ principal .​
This could leave you​ with a​ couple of​ options if​ you​ want to​ build up your equity quicker .​
The first option would be to​ put down a​ large chunk of​ cash at​ one time .​
Most of​ it​ would be applied to​ your principal .​
Most people,​ however,​ do not have the​ opportunity to​ do this .​
A second option would be to​ refinance your mortgage .​
If you​ watch the​ market and apply when the​ interest rates are down,​ you​ could save thousands of​ dollars .​
If,​ besides this,​ you​ shorten the​ repayment time by at​ least five years,​ you​ could save tens of​ thousands of​ dollars in​ interest .​
This results in​ more money going toward the​ principal each month.
A fixed rate mortgage would give you​ stable payments .​
You always know what they will be,​ and you​ can always confidently plan around it .​
You do not have to​ worry about what the​ economy is​ doing .​
Even better,​ though,​ is​ that a​ larger portion of​ your monthly payment goes toward your equity than most other types of​ mortgages .​
By getting a​ fixed rate mortgage,​ and reducing your time to​ pay off the​ mortgage,​ you​ can build up your equity even faster .​
Since you​ are considering refinancing,​ you​ may also want to​ tap into some of​ that equity - perhaps for home renovations .​
Some renovations,​ such as​ siding,​ remodeling a​ kitchen or​ bathroom,​ or​ adding a​ room onto the​ house,​ can also put a​ lot more value into your home – as​ soon as​ the​ project is​ finished .​
Obviously,​ this would also quickly raise the​ amount of​ equity you​ have,​ too .​
Be sure,​ though,​ that you​ check with your local Realtors or​ contractors in​ your area to​ find out which renovations actually add the​ most value - some renovations do not change the​ value much .​
Be sure to​ shop around some for the​ best deal .​
Lenders vary quite a​ bit in​ their prices and fees,​ as​ well as​ in​ their interest rates .​
Building your equity fast means not letting too much of​ your hard-earned cash go unnecessarily into the​ lenders pockets .​
When you​ refinance,​ stay away from mortgages that have penalties for paying off your mortgage early.
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