Boston Terriers Great Family Pets

The Boston Terrier has been called the​ ultimate family dog. Many owners say that your family is​ not complete until you​ have a​ Boston Terrier or​ two. And it's easy to​ see why owners give glowing reports of​ the​ interactions between their Boston Terriers and their children. Not only will your children benefit from this playful and cuddly furry playmate - they will have a​ loyal friend for life.

Boston Terriers are intelligent,​ friendly and outgoing. They love to​ be around people and will benefit from a​ loving family "pack". Typically eager to​ please these dogs are so lovable you​ won't want to​ consider another breed. if​ you​ have young children and intend on​ buying or​ already own a​ Boston Terrier,​ here are some rules about making the​ relationship between the​ children and the​ dog as​ trouble free as​ possible.

1. Good socialization means a​ good family dog.

Boston Terriers are easy to​ socialize. Take your puppy with you​ in​ the​ car or​ out on​ errands whenever you​ can. the​ puppy should get used to​ being around people and other dogs. Although it​ is​ not recommended that you​ take your puppy into public places before they have received all their vaccines - you​ can take your puppy in​ the​ car with you​ when you​ fetch the​ children from school.

2. the​ dogs may not be treated aggressively

Children need to​ be taught not to​ tease or​ bother the​ dog while eating. Any dog gets aggressive if​ disturbed while eating and this has resulted in​ many tragic bites. Letting your children feed the​ dog is​ a​ great way to​ get them involved in​ caring for your dog. if​ your dog does growl you​ should discourage him by saying "No" and making it​ clear that growling is​ unacceptable behavior.

3. a​ few sessions with a​ dog trainer are a​ good idea

Even if​ your Boston Terrier is​ well behaved; a​ dog trainer can reassure you​ all that your dog is​ aware of​ the​ boundaries in​ your family.

4. the​ puppy may not bite the​ children - even playfully.

Teething puppies are no problem; their gentle little bites don't hurt now - but they will when your dog gets teeth! Rather encourage a​ policy of​ "no bite". Offer toys and other appropriate outlets for the​ play bites.

5. Make the​ boundaries clear

As with any dog - boundaries are the​ key. Your puppy should not be allowed to​ roam the​ house freely until he is​ properly housetrained. This is​ a​ fun process in​ which you​ can involve the​ children. the​ puppy will need to​ be taken out every time he needs to​ go and the​ children will benefit from taking them outside and waiting until they have done their business.
Following these tips should assure you​ of​ a​ family friendly Boston Terrier.

Having a​ dog in​ the​ house,​ particularly a​ Boston Terrier - can be a​ wonderful positive experience for your children too. Your children will learn many valuable life skills from their dog. They benefit by learning the​ value of​ respect. They learn responsibility (children should be encouraged to​ take part in​ caring for the​ dog too). in​ addition they will learn patience,​ kindness and compassion. Your dog will develop a​ special relationship with your children. Boston Terriers are generally content to​ be played with. if​ socialized correctly they are tolerant and will even allow the​ kids to​ play dress up with them.

The positive effect a​ dog can have on​ your family is​ amazing. Boston Terriers are intelligent and child friendly. Proper training and teaching children to​ respect and love the​ dog will ensure your Boston Terrier becomes a​ valued part of​ your family.
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