BCAA Warns Owners About Cars Pets And Children

The British Columbia Automobile Association,​ or​ much commonly referred to​ as​ the​ BCAA,​ has just warned drivers and car owners about the​ possible risks that could take place when you​ have pets and children inside the​ vehicle. And with the​ prediction of​ having even higher and hotter temperatures coming in​ a​ couple of​ days and weeks,​ it​ is​ best that drivers and vehicle owners are aware of​ the​ risks involved.

According to​ Ken Cousin,​ “When we receive a​ call from a​ member notifying us that a​ child is​ locked in​ a​ car,​ we drop everything. We dispatch the​ nearest resource to​ get there as​ soon as​ possible.” Ken Cousin is​ the​ road assist director of​ the​ BCAA. And this kind of​ situation has become quite normal and ordinary for the​ organization,​ according to​ this director. So far for 2018,​ the​ BCAA has been able to​ rescue at​ the​ very least 130 children from cars which got locked. the​ number of​ course does not include the​ forty or​ so pets that they also rescued from these cars.

When children do play about or​ when pets scamper around the​ vehicle,​ they could accidentally lock themselves in. And what could be very unlucky would be getting these children or​ pets locked in​ with your car keys also inside the​ vehicle. This could happen anytime even when you​ just get out of​ the​ car for a​ couple of​ seconds to​ pickup the​ new set of​ classic Chevy truck parts that you​ may have purchased. Situations like this could also arise when you​ get distracted over some trivial things. And with the​ temperature predicted to​ get even hotter,​ the​ results of​ locked pets or​ children inside cars could prove to​ be fatal for these little tots.

BCAA recommends that as​ drivers or​ car owners,​ you​ should never ever leave kids and pets alone inside a​ car. if​ you​ have to​ go some place for just a​ short amount of​ time,​ it​ would be best to​ bring the​ pets or​ the​ kids along.

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