Bad Credit Personal Loans

Bad Credit Personal Loans
Average personal debt in​ the​ UK has risen above the​ £4,​000 mark for the​ first time ever according to​ recent research from Datamonitor .​
In February 2018 figures were published which showed that debt on​ personal loans,​ credit cards,​ finance deals and overdrafts amounted to​ £4004 per UK adult by the​ end of​ 2004 .​
Credit borrowing it​ seems is​ still at​ a​ very strong level,​ despite last year's interest rate rises and an​ uncertain housing market.
Borrowing on​ bad credit personal loans has contributed to​ this debt figure too .​
There has been a​ steady increase in​ the​ number of​ applicants applying for bad credit personal loans in​ the​ UK .​
CCJs,​ mortgage arrears and house repossessions are at​ an​ all time low,​ allowing borrowers to​ break free of​ the​ traditional chains that have prevented them from being accepted for personal loans on​ the​ back of​ a​ bad credit history .​
This has made bad credit personal loans more accessible to​ consumers,​ with loans companies more willing to​ extend credit to​ people with a​ bad credit history based on​ income-debt ratios and the​ ability of​ the​ applicant to​ handle debt responsibly.
Facts about bad credit personal loans
Bad credit personal loans are ideal for people who have found it​ difficult to​ secure personal loans in​ the​ past because of​ a​ bad credit record or​ for tenants .​
They are issued by specialist loans providers who lend money based on​ criteria other than your full credit history .​
If you​ have CCJs against your name,​ or​ if​ you​ have bad debts,​ mortgage arrears or​ have been declared bankrupt,​ then these specialist loans companies will be able to​ help you.
There are essentially two types of​ personal loans available for people with a​ bad credit history - secured bad credit loans and unsecured bad credit loans .​
Secured loans require collateral,​ such as​ equity in​ your home; unsecured loans do not officially require collateral,​ but it​ does help if​ you​ are a​ homeowner.
Bad credit loans will adopt a​ higher APR than standard personal loans .​
An APR that is​ 2% to​ 4% higher than the​ APR on​ standard personal loans is​ not unusual on​ a​ bad credit loan .​
The total amount available for borrowing will be less too,​ and minimum monthly payments are likely to​ be higher as​ well .​
A bad credit personal loan is​ a​ good opportunity for people with bad credit to​ start repairing their credit record .​
Time is​ a​ healer in​ this respect,​ and the​ longer you​ can go without defaulting on​ your personal loans repayments,​ then the​ better your credit record will become .​
In fact,​ many providers of​ bad credit personal loans will switch you​ to​ a​ mainstream personal loans deal with more favourable rates if​ you​ can prove your ability to​ repay for the​ first two or​ three years of​ the​ loan term.
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