Australian Terriers Make Loyal Pets

The Australian Terrier is​ one of​ the​ smallest of​ the​ terrier dog group. it​ was originally bred in​ Australia around 1885 as​ a​ working dog to​ guard mines and to​ tend sheep. the​ Australian Terrier is​ a​ healthy and hardy breed. They are long-living to​ 15 years or​ more and free of​ any major hereditary defects.

They have a​ rough-textured straight coat 2in. to​ 3in. long with colorings ranging from silver- or​ blue-black through to​ tan with a​ distinctive soft-haired topknot on​ their head.

The Australian Terrier is​ tough and cheeky,​ and stands 9in to​ 11in high. However,​ like many other terrier breeds,​ in​ its own mind it​ is​ a​ much larger dog and is​ quite fearless. it​ is​ energetic and loyal and will display great affection to​ its family. it​ is​ confident and curious,​ has keen hearing and eyesight and therefore makes a​ useful watchdog. Because it​ likes to​ please its master is​ can be more easily trained than some other terriers.

Unlike many other terrier breeds the​ Australian Terrier does not usually display aggression towards other dogs although they may chase small animals outside the​ home. They can occasionally display wariness towards strangers although they are not excessively suspicious. They travel well and can be somewhat easier to​ train than other terrier types although their training needs to​ be strict; their self-assured nature can make them want to​ follow their own ideas rather than yours!

Australian terriers make good apartment dogs. They are adaptable and will remain active indoors but will require outdoor exercise and,​ like all terriers,​ need to​ be walked on​ a​ leash due to​ their tendency to​ chase other animals.

The Australian Terrier sheds little or​ no hair and will not require clipping except perhaps around the​ eyes and ears when blunt-nosed scissors should be used. Regular brushing is​ recommended. This will stimulate natural oil secretion from the​ skin which will help to​ develop a​ high gloss to​ the​ coat. Clip the​ toenails regularly. Australian Terriers do not require washing more than once a​ month. More frequent washing will tend to​ make their tough coat go lank.

Your Australian Terrier will consider himself to​ be a​ part of​ your family and will be a​ loyal and loving companion.
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