Allergies To Pets

Allergies to​ Pets
In this article we're going to​ discuss one of​ the​ most annoying kinds of​ allergies that there is,​ especially for us animal lovers - allergies to​ pets and what can be done to​ reduce the​ allergens produced by pets.
The sad fact is​ that 10 to​ 15% of​ all the​ people in​ the​ world suffer from some kind of​ allergy to​ animals,​ which can make owning a​ pet not only annoying but potentially dangerous if​ the​ allergy is​ severe enough .​
Cat allergies are actually twice as​ common as​ dog allergies .​
the​ body's reaction to​ the​ animals is​ caused by a​ certain protein found in​ the​ animal's saliva,​ urine or​ dander .​
People aren't really allergic to​ the​ pet's fur but to​ the​ allergen that sticks to​ the​ fur,​ the​ carpeting or​ the​ furniture; basically anywhere your pet has been .​
Also,​ these microscopic flakes of​ dander travel through the​ air .​
as​ a​ matter of​ fact,​ studies show that these allergens can stay in​ the​ air even 3 years after an​ animal has actually been in​ the​ home .​

Many people ask if​ there are any breeds of​ animals that people are not allergic to​ .​
the​ answer is,​ since all animals have dead skin there are no non allergic breeds .​
People may be more tolerant of​ certain breeds of​ dogs than others but there is​ no such thing as​ 100% non allergic .​
All animals produce some amount of​ allergen,​ even if​ it​ is​ a​ small amount .​
the​ allergic symptoms themselves build over time after handling or​ being near an​ animal,​ with the​ peak time being around 12 hours after .​
Also,​ as​ the​ pet spends more time living in​ the​ person's home the​ allergens begin to​ accumulate and a​ person who showed no symptoms when handling the​ pet at​ the​ store when buying it​ will start to​ show symptoms after it​ has been home for a​ while,​ usually within a​ day .​

So what's the​ answer for people who want to​ have a​ pet but are allergic? What can they do in​ order to​ have a​ pet? Unfortunately,​ the​ only thing you​ can do is​ try to​ reduce your exposure to​ the​ allergens .​
You're not going to​ be able to​ get rid of​ them completely .​
One thing you​ can do to​ try to​ prevent the​ accumulation of​ allergens is​ to​ cover your furniture with plastic mattresses and pillow covers .​
Replace your carpeting with hard wooden floors and washable throw rugs .​
Clean the​ house as​ often as​ you​ can .​
Make sure you​ vacuum with a​ cleaner that has a​ HEPA filter otherwise allergens are just going to​ end up getting spread into the​ air .​
Your pet should be kept out of​ your bedroom completely .​
This may be hard for a​ real pet lover but it​ is​ essential .​
When you​ brush your pet,​ wear a​ face mask .​
Then change your clothes immediately afterward .​
Unfortunately,​ the​ success rate of​ allergy shots and other treatments for pet allergies is​ only about 50% .​
Currently however,​ a​ vaccine for people allergic to​ cats is​ being tested .​
This may be a​ major breakthrough in​ the​ future .​

Until then,​ there really isn't much more you​ can do .​
If your allergies are severe it​ is​ probably best to​ stick with a​ fish for a​ pet.
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