A Secret Way Of Getting Traffic

If you​ are reading this article,​ more likely than not you​ own a​ website that you​ would like to​ see be a​ success. to​ achieve that level,​ you​ need traffic to​ your site. But where does traffic come from?

One of​ the​ better ways to​ get traffic for your site is​ to​ submit your site to​ the​ many directories that exist online. Online directories are similar to​ your phone book yellow pages: These directories are categorized (education,​ entertainment,​ health,​ etc.),​ and when you​ submit your website,​ you​ suggest a​ category for your website. Often,​ you​ will even be able to​ submit to​ a​ sub-category within a​ major category. For example,​ suppose your website is​ about aromatherapy.

In your submission request,​ you​ would suggest "Health" as​ your main category,​ "Alternative Medicine" as​ your sub-category,​ and "Aromatherapy" as​ a​ further sub-category.

Some of​ the​ leading online directories are Yahoo!,​ MSN Small Business,​ and the​ DMOZ directory. Unlike search engines,​ however,​ listings in​ online directories are usually not free. as​ of​ this writing,​ you​ can submit for free to​ the​ Yahoo! Directory (http://dir.yahoo.com),​ but there is​ not guarantee on​ how quickly your website will be reviewed for listing. if​ you​ need your site reviewed faster,​ you​ can pay Yahoo! $299 US for "expedited" service and they will review your site within seven days. However,​ this fee is​ a​ yearly recurring fee. Your website is​ subject to​ a​ yearly review,​ and is​ guaranteed neither initial inclusion or​ to​ remain listed year after year.

The MSN service is​ $49 US,​ and it​ functions more like a​ search engine submit service. Their submission service includes inclusion in​ their own small business directory. DMOZ,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ is​ free,​ but because it​ is​ operated by volunteers,​ it​ could be awhile before your site is​ included. Your best options are to​ submit to​ DMOZ and pay for the​ MSN and Yahoo! services.

But why should you​ spend money? Can't you​ just optimize your site for the​ search engines? you​ can,​ but not everyone goes to​ a​ search engine for what they are looking for. For example,​ if​ someone is​ searching for gourmet dog treats,​ they may not use a​ search engine. Instead,​ they might go to​ one of​ the​ online directories and look at​ the​ listings,​ much like someone would use the​ yellow pages in​ their phone book. Your investment in​ gaining inclusion in​ the​ online directories will pay off for you​ in​ a​ multitude of​ ways.

1. you​ will increase traffic to​ your site. Your site will be included in​ the​ online directories,​ as​ well as​ the​ search engines,​ and this will help you​ gain traffic as​ people search directory listings and find your website.

2. you​ will increase the​ number of​ backlinks to​ your site. if​ the​ directory pages are listed in​ search engines,​ the​ link they provide for your site will be listed in​ the​ search engines. This benefits you​ by creating more ways for people to​ find your site. Ultimately,​ this will provide more traffic for you.

3. Submitting to​ directories is​ a​ quick way to​ gain links. Optimizing your site for the​ search engines is​ very difficult and time-consuming.
It can take a​ lot of​ time to​ learn how to​ write for the​ search engines. in​ the​ meantime,​ any links you​ can get will help you​ with the​ search engines,​ and submitting to​ directories will get you​ links.

4. Submitting to​ directories is​ relatively inexpensive,​ and a​ good investment. as​ stated earlier,​ you​ can submit to​ Yahoo! and MSN for less than $350. DMOZ is​ free. if​ you​ run a​ search for online directories,​ you​ will find many more where you​ could submit inexpensively,​ or​ even for free.

In short,​ submitting to​ online directories is​ one of​ the​ best ways for you​ to​ build traffic to​ your website. in​ the​ end,​ you​ need traffic to​ survive online. So get started!
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