A Secret Technique That Entrepreneurs Can Use To Almost Guarantee Success

If you​ were to​ walk up and ask successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs what they did to​ succeed or​ fail,​ most of​ them would cite some mentor or​ lack of​ trait... Blame genetics or​ outside influence. But if​ you​ were to​ ask the​ exact same group if​ they used this secret,​ 99% of​ successful entrepreneurs would say yes - and almost all of​ the​ unsuccessful entrepreneurs would ask what you​ were talking about...

The secret to​ being a​ successful entrepreneur is​ very,​ very simple. it​ is​ called "Quantifiable Goals". it​ might sound complicated,​ but when you​ have finished reading this article you​ will completely understand what it​ means - and why it​ is​ so important.

Let’s say,​ for example,​ that you​ walk into a​ room full of​ entrepreneurs,​ and ask them to​ state their goals. to​ state why they are ultimately in​ business for themselves. Most of​ them will respond something along the​ lines of​ time or​ money. But watch them puzzle when you​ ask them WHY they want to​ earn money or​ have that extra time. This is​ the​ most essential part of​ Quantifiable Goals. Any John Doe can say he wants to​ make money,​ but why? is​ there something in​ particular he wants to​ buy? Something he wants to​ do with that time?

Once you​ establish WHY you​ want that extra time or​ money,​ you​ have just taken a​ big step towards success. you​ now have a​ goal. For example,​ you​ want that extra money to​ buy a​ house. Buying a​ house is​ your goal. Now comes the​ Quantifiable part.

How much are you​ going to​ spend on​ this house? $250,​000? $1 million? you​ need to​ come up with a​ dollar amount or​ time amount,​ something of​ quantity,​ to​ properly set your goals. That way,​ once you​ earn that $250,​000 or​ gain those 3 hours,​ you​ have essentially attained your goal.

But waking up one morning and deciding to​ earn $250,​000 doesn't make it​ happen. So how do you​ achieve your long-term Quantifiable Goal? By breaking it​ up into smaller,​ medium term quantifiable goals.

For the​ example we have been using,​ buying a​ house for $250,​000,​ your medium-term goals would most likely be monetary. you​ could set goals to​ complete two projects that would each bring you​ $125,​000,​ or​ even 10 projects that would bring you​ $25,​000,​ or​ break it​ down even further.

But what good are these goals anyway? They are still difficult to​ achieve,​ and how do you​ know what to​ do to​ achieve these goals?

Well,​ you​ break each of​ your medium-term quantifiable goals into short term goals. For example,​ if​ you​ chose to​ get two projects with a​ price tag of​ $125,​000 each,​ your first goal might be to​ think of​ what kinds of​ projects you​ can do that would bring that kind of​ money in​ for you. Your next goal would be to​ close the​ sale on​ such a​ project,​ and then to​ complete the​ project,​ and finally to​ collect payment. That way,​ each medium-term goal is​ broken down into manageable tasks.

At this point,​ you​ want to​ break everything down into a​ flow chart to​ help establish your goals. Put your life quantifiable goal at​ the​ top on​ its own piece of​ paper. Then,​ put each of​ your medium-term goals on​ their own paper in​ a​ horizontal line directly beneath your life goal. Then directly below each medium goal,​ fill a​ sheet with the​ short term goals that it​ will take to​ achieve each medium term goal.

This method will help you​ visualize what you​ are working towards,​ and how each step is​ necessary to​ achieve your dream.

Now you'll want to​ check off each short term goal as​ you​ complete it,​ completing one sheet at​ a​ time. By doing this,​ you​ will be able to​ visually SEE your results progress quickly. Each time you​ complete a​ short-term goal,​ you​ are one step closer to​ completing a​ medium-term goal,​ which brings you​ one step closer to​ completing your life goal.

Now that you​ know the​ secret,​ what are you​ going to​ do about it? I suggest following the​ visualization techniques given,​ and build yourself a​ "life pyramid" on​ a​ wall that is​ visible while you​ are working. Glance at​ it​ every so often,​ and it​ will keep you​ on​ track. Reward yourself when you​ complete your goals - from the​ smallest achievement to​ completing the​ entire pyramid. it​ will most likely be the​ most positive experience in​ your life to​ see that pyramid completed - and the​ construction process of​ the​ pyramid itself will set you​ on​ the​ right path.
A Secret Technique That Entrepreneurs Can Use To Almost Guarantee Success A Secret Technique That Entrepreneurs Can Use To Almost Guarantee
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