A Review Of Pet Tag Machines

The need for pet tags is​ real and makes the​ production of​ pet tags a​ good business proposition. But where would a​ potential pet tag maker go for the​ equipment needed to​ start or​ enhance a​ business? the​ Hillman Group in​ Cincinnati manufactures and markets pet tag machines via the​ names PetScribe and Quick-Tag.

With Quick-Tag™,​ customized and engraved pet ID tags can be created at​ affordable rates in​ a​ very short time. the​ machine features a​ computerized engraver and video touch screen. the​ machine supports both credit card and cash payments to​ enable self service. Token payment is​ also possible,​ if​ required. Tags in​ different colors,​ shapes and sizes can be produced.

PetScribe™ can create engraved pet ID tags in​ less than sixty seconds. the​ machine allows engraving on​ both sides in​ two sizes (large and small). a​ number of​ tag styles including bone,​ large heart,​ bell,​ oval,​ rivet,​ small decorative,​ etc.,​ can be used. Portable and fixed units of​ “model 40 B pet tag stamping press” of​ Your Supply Depot Ltd. are in​ the​ market.

FINDER Lost Pet Tag System™ uses patented communication technology. With the​ help of​ the​ next generation technology,​ someone who finds a​ lost pet can contact the​ owner using a​ toll-free number. the​ system can dial any of​ three stored phone numbers but the​ caller does not have access to​ these numbers. Users can change telephone numbers and messages as​ many times as​ required. the​ system is​ designed by Secure Connections in​ McLean,​ Virginia with the​ help of​ the​ American Humane Association.

The iMARC Pet Tag Engraver is​ designed for a​ variety of​ countertops. Different anodized aluminum tag styles including hydrant,​ rivet,​ heart,​ etc are provided for easy selection. the​ machine is​ equipped with three tag holders for different sizes. Engraving on​ both the​ sides,​ lower and upper case text,​ and logo options help in​ creating quality pet tags.

Pet ID tags are essential tools that help quickly find lost animals. a​ wide range of​ pet tags are available at​ affordable prices but even diamond pet tags are available for celebrity pets. From the​ working dog on​ a​ sheep farm to​ the​ tiny Chihuahua in​ a​ socialite’s arms,​ all pets should wear pet tags.
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