A Pets Tale Keeping Animals Safe

The saying "it's a​ dog's life" does not mean what it​ used to. Today,​ animals of​ all types are protected by state and federal laws and have been granted certain rights that help protect and keep them healthy. in​ addition,​ many people are closer with their pets than in​ the​ recent past,​ with a​ large number saying that they consider their animals to​ be a​ part of​ the​ family. in​ fact,​ a​ day in​ the​ life of​ a​ pet may entail visiting a​ spa or​ salon,​ being carried in​ a​ designer bag or​ wearing a​ jewel-encrusted collar-quite a​ different story from 100 years ago.

Seem far-fetched? on​ average,​ dog owners say they spent more than $263 on​ their four-footed friends in​ the​ past 12 months (not including food expenses). Cat owners spent more than $100. One reason for the​ improvement of​ animals' quality of​ life is​ that animal welfare organizations such as​ the​ ASPCA (American Society for the​ Prevention of​ Cruelty to​ Animals) have worked to​ change the​ way people think about and treat them. Celebrating its 140th anniversary this year,​ the​ association is​ the​ oldest animal welfare organization in​ the​ Western Hemisphere. the​ association will mark its anniversary with a​ yearlong celebration highlighting the​ progress it​ has made for animals since it​ was founded by a​ New York City socialite in​ 1866.

With the​ mark of​ this milestone anniversary,​ the​ group is​ launching what it​ calls its most aggressive initiative to​ date,​ working city by city to​ turn the​ United States into one "Humane Community." the​ program is​ designed to​ bring community organizations together to​ help ensure that no adoptable companion animal is​ euthanized for reasons other than behavior or​ medical issues.

The new initiative includes increasing the​ demand for adoptable shelter animals,​ while at​ the​ same time reducing the​ number of​ unwanted litters being born. Additionally,​ the​ association's "Meet-Your-Match" program is​ being revamped and will more effectively pair new pet owners with shelter dogs and cats. the​ group plans to​ expand its Humane Law Enforcement Department as​ well,​ allowing for more investigations and arrests for animal cruelty.

"While our 140th year is​ gearing up to​ be one of​ unprecedented growth,​ it​ is​ our sincerest hope that the​ further we get from our date of​ inception,​ the​ closer we come to​ being an​ organization that is​ no longer needed-that our work will have permeated society to​ the​ point that the​ rights of​ companion animals will be second nature to​ everyone,​" said Ed Sayres,​ president & CEO,​ the​ ASPCA.

There are more than 140 million pet cats and dogs in​ the​ U.S.
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