A Look At Custom Pet Tags

Customized pet ID tags feature information chosen by the​ customer and can include personal messages,​ information about medical conditions or​ dietary needs. Made-to-order tags can be engraved,​ embossed,​ personalized,​ and reflective.

Engraved tags are available in​ different colors and styles such as​ bone,​ mouse,​ round,​ square,​ and more. They cost as​ little as​ $3.00. Large tags may have five lines of​ information and small may have only three lines of​ engraved text. Both sides of​ tags can have engraved text. Tags can have engraved art work and logos of​ the​ customer’s choice. Laser engraved tags displaying information on​ both sides are expensive. Personalized engraved tags can be made on​ order. Both computer and hand-engraved pet tags are available in​ the​ market.

Wear-proof and sturdy personalized pet tags can have engraved text on​ both the​ sides. the​ text may contain two phone numbers,​ and vet and medical information. All personalized ID tags should have name of​ pet and the​ owner,​ address and telephone number. They may carry a​ “reward” depending on​ owner’s willingness to​ pay a​ reward if​ lost pet is​ found. Tags can be designed in​ different shapes,​ sizes and colors. Light-weight tags come in​ stainless steel,​ plastic and aluminum. Personalized pet tags can be bought at​ as​ little as​ $3.00.

Reflective pet tags feature a​ reflective sticker on​ their back for reflecting headlights to​ make drivers aware of​ pets roaming on​ the​ roads. Reflective pet tag stickers cost as​ little as​ $1.00. They protect pets especially in​ the​ night. Reflective tags make pets visible even from a​ distance when vehicle light falls on​ the​ tag surface. Reflective tags without batteries save pets in​ the​ night and offer emergency data.

Reflective pet tags were introduced a​ decade ago. They are brightly colored stickers that shine. the​ reflective coating is​ placed on​ non-engraved side of​ the​ tags. the​ coating reflects only in​ very low light conditions.
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