9 Secrets To Get A Date After One Hour And 15 Minutes Of Flirting Online

If you​ are trying to​ pick up women online and
just can't get at​ least one date a​ week you​
certainly need a​ little help. Just read this
article and start using these online flirting
success tips and they will help you​ to​ get that
first date much faster.You don't want to​ spend
too much time online because you​ really can't
feel the​ chemistry until the​ first “real world”
date. However,​ you​ can get the​ women you're
talking to​ to​ be interested in​ you​ and set her “
on fire” just to​ get to​ know you​ better.Keep in​
mind that women feel attraction for a​ very
different set of​ reasons than men do. Where men
focus more on​ looks,​ women focus more on​
personality,​ self esteem,​ power and confidence.
So,​ what are the​ secrets to​ get a​ date after one
hour and 15 minutes of​ flirting online?

1. Make your replies simple and use easy
questions. Concentrate on​ the​ conversation,​ not
on getting a​ date. Remember that flirting is​ a​
way of​ connecting from the​ heart and
acknowledging someone. Most women want to​ know
what kind of​ person they are going out with.

2. Women always fall for men who are a​ little bit
unreachable. Think of​ yourself as​ special and
know what you​ deserve.

3. Be yourself. the​ underlying key to​ all
flirtation is​ confidence,​ the​ magical charm that
makes others want to​ get to​ know you.

4. Be funny but in​ the​ same time a​ little bit
arrogant. it​ creates a​ wonderful,​ entertaining
challenge that women just love to​ engage in...
If you​ make a​ naughty,​ fun comment,​ something she
is NOT expecting,​ then something magical begins
to happen: she feels a​ spark of​ attraction,​
curiosity,​ intrigue because you're obviously

5. People like people who are interested in​ them.
So when you​ engage someone in​ conversation make
sure you​ spend at​ least 62% of​ the​ time listening
to THEM!

6.When you​ are talking about you,​ tell enough
just to​ get her trust but keep a​ little mystery
about you.

7. Never ever make yourself to​ available. in​ one
hour of​ online conversation you​ have to​ make her
believe that you're confident,​ that you're
intelligent and funny. Don't stay any longer or​
you risk to​ become boring.

8. Find an​ excuse and just go,​ but not before you​
let her know that you're interested in​ her. Set
another online date but not for the​ next day. you​
are a​ busy guy! Let her heat up a​ little bit. :)

9. at​ the​ second date (online),​ after 15 minutes
of talking,​ just say “Hey,​ I have some spare time
this evening,​ can we meet? I just want to...
convince myself that you​ are real.” This way,​ she
will be surprised and won't have to​ much time to​
make the​ decision and you​ will run less risk of​
being rejected. if​ she is​ interested in​ you​ but
she already has something fixed for that evening,​
she will ask for a​ date another time. if​ she don'
t,​ just say,​ next!

Good luck and have fun!
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