9 Secrets About Romanian Brides

Almost all foreign bride sites tell you​ about the​ women which are in​ their database that are:
“gentle,​ respectful,​ and loving”
“strongly maternal and family-oriented”
“plays a​ subordinate role to​ men in​ both the​ public and private spheres”
“a mail order bride does not really ask for a​ lot”

I am sure that you​ have read these facts about women who are seeking a​ western man for marriage or​ friendship. But how can we classify thousands of​ women just in​ a​ few words?

The scarcity of​ suitable husbands in​ Romania has led many marriage-minded Romanian women to​ explore the​ possibility of​ pursuing a​ Western man.

1. Romanian mail order brides are not character-less toy dolls. She needs what every woman needs: a​ good husband.

While there is​ no denial that a​ substantial number of​ foreign brides hope to​ live a​ better life in​ a​ western culture,​ it​ is​ just as​ legitimate to​ argue that a​ fat bank account does not top the​ list of​ qualities that these women look for in​ a​ man.

What women want is​ a​ man who is​ honest,​ loyal,​ sincere,​ respectful,​ and able to​ provide for her children basic needs. the​ same happens with western women too.

2. a​ Romanian bride does not harbor the​ illusion of​ landing a​ millionaire for a​ husband,​ but instead pins her hopes on​ finding a​ man with strength of​ character,​ a​ shared respect for family values,​ and the​ financial means to​ adequately support a​ family.

Romanian woman perceive Western men as​ decent,​ responsible,​ easy going guys who know how to​ treat their women well.

3. Because she is​ a​ healthy balance of​ traditional values and a​ modern,​ tolerant outlook,​ the​ Romanian brides possesses the​ intelligence and sensibility to​ adapt to​ a​ western environment without sacrificing her norms and customs.

4. Most of​ the​ ladies who apply to​ dating agencies can at​ least read and understand English.There are doctors,​ lawyers,​ teachers,​ government employees,​ sales clerks with ages ranging from 18 to​ 40-plus.

5. a​ Romanian bride is​ just seeking the​ man of​ his life. Are you​ the​ one?

If you​ believe in​ destiny you​ should check out some Romanian brides. Your soulmate can be right there.

6. Just BE YOURSELF when you​ get in​ touch with these women and you​ will be surprised to​ see the​ success you'll have.

7. NEVER try impersonate someone you​ are not. Not only will you​ come across as​ insincere,​ but you​ will also feel uncomfortable and make others feel this way right along with you.
8. Never tell lies to​ your date or​ pretend anything about your life that isn't true. if​ this is​ your perfect match for God's sake do not allow it​ to​ be ruined by some silly lie told early on.
Trying to​ be cool,​ aggressive generally just makes you​ awkward and unapproachable. Relax,​ be natural,​ be the​ you​ that your friends and others who know and like you,​ see and appreciate.

9. Show Enthusiasm but stop acting like Kiss-Ass Wussbags. Romanian Brides are looking for someone that would ADD VALUE to​ their lives!

And don't forget that you​ don't have to​ impress all the​ women,​ only those which are things in​ common with you: same goals,​ same interests. you​ have to​ know what are you​ looking for.

Just try,​ maybe you​ are single only because you​ haven't searched in​ the​ right place yet. :)
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