7 Secrets Of An Opt In List Building Strategy

Want to​ develop a​ direct communication line with your web site visitors without spamming? Develop an​ opt-in list with a​ large subscribers' base. you​ will be able to​ send personalized emails to​ your subscribers who have expressed their willingness to​ receive informative as​ well as​ commercial offerings from you. However,​ you​ have to​ tread a​ fine line between annoying your visitors and making them volunteer the​ information you​ need. Knowing the​ right strategy and implementing it​ correctly will decide whether your offerings end up in​ spamboxes or​ inboxes. These seven steps will guide you​ in​ the​ right direction.

1. Decide what information you​ need to​ collect. Names and email addresses are the​ minimum. Do you​ need their home address,​ their gender,​ or​ their age group? Don't collect information that you​ don't have any plan to​ use. Don't collect information for any anticipated future use. you​ may get plenty of​ chances to​ collect those information from a​ revised list of​ prospects. Keep the​ information collection to​ the​ absolute minimum.

2. Publish a​ privacy policy and provide a​ link at​ the​ point in​ the​ web page where you​ collect users' information. Mention in​ bold letters that you​ don't sell their emails to​ others and practice the​ same. Your opt-in list is​ very valuable and don't sell it​ to​ others for a​ few bucks. Don't violate the​ trust of​ your visitors and ruin your reputation.

3. Provide instant incentives for subscribing to​ your offerings. Free e-books,​ report,​ software,​ video tutorials,​ etc. that interest to​ your target audience are very effective incentives. if​ you​ have a​ paid member's only area,​ you​ can provide time limited access to​ that section of​ your web site in​ exchange for their subscriptions.

4. Publish your past offerings in​ your website. Each offering should be in​ the​ form of​ a​ newsletter with quality contents that improve your readers' quality of​ life. Conclude your contents with your commercials that explain the​ benefits of​ products or​ services you​ are selling.

5. Set up a​ discussion board (forum) at​ your site and make it​ available to​ registered members only. the​ discussion board should focus on​ your target market. By scanning the​ posts and their threads,​ you​ will be able to​ identify problems your visitors are trying to​ solve. Do your research and find solutions to​ those problems,​ organize them and publish those solutions your newsletter.

6. Use Co-registration. This will build your list rapidly in​ a​ short amount of​ time. What is​ co-registration? it​ refers to​ the​ practice of​ referring subscriptions or​ leads for memberships with another registration process. There are several ways of​ doing this.

When a​ visitor signs up for a​ free subscription or​ other service,​ give them the​ chance on​ the​ thank-you page to​ opt-in to​ another offer. Another way is​ give the​ visitors to​ a​ website the​ opportunity to​ sign up for another opt-in list. These do not need to​ be your thank-you pages or​ websites. you​ need to​ partner up with another web marketer.

The goal here is​ to​ find other website owners who you​ can joint venture with you​ to​ offer your newsletter along with theirs. Do a​ search via your favorite search engine and directories for similar offers and contact the​ people to​ set up your joint venture.

Two additional secrets to​ this co-registration process. First,​ make sure you​ offer more value than the​ other party involved in​ your joint venture. Second,​ offer your leads you​ get from this process more value than you​ usually offer by giving them a​ huge giveaway only available to​ them.

7. Use Squidoo,​ a​ social media website,​ to​ create lenses. a​ lens is​ a​ web page on​ any idea. Provide a​ RSS feed of​ your website on​ your lens. Embellish your lens with YouTube videos and Flickr photos related to​ your target market. Squidoo splits its revenue with lens creators (or lensmasters). Sign up to​ donate all your revenue from Squidoo lenses to​ a​ non-religious charity. Call for action by announcing that subscribers are helping a​ charity by joining your list.
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