7 Easy Secrets To Understanding Web Statistics

7 Easy Secrets to​ Understanding Web Statistics
Understanding what your visitors do on​ your site is​ crucial information .​
If your visitors proceed to​ purchase a​ product but then a​ large majority leaves the​ site when they get to​ a​ specific page in​ the​ order process,​ you​ need to​ know about it .​
It could be that this page is​ confusing or​ hard to​ use .​
Fixing it​ could increase your sales by 200% .​
This is​ just an​ example; there are many reasons why you​ want a​ detailed analysis of​ your site visitors.
Most website hosting services offer a​ stats package that you​ can study .​
If you're not sure where this is,​ call up your hosting service and ask them .​
Statistics are a​ vital part of​ tracking your marketing progress .​
If you​ don't have access to​ website statistics get a​ package that can help you​ in​ this area .​
Do not get a​ counter that simply shows how many visitors you've had .​
You'll be missing out on​ vital information that can help strengthen weaknesses in​ your site.
A good website hosting service offers traffic logs that provide an​ invaluable insight into the​ traffic being referred to​ a​ web site from various sources such as​ search engines,​ directories and other links .​
Unfortunately traffic tracking provided by web hosting services is​ often in​ the​ form of​ raw traffic log files or​ other difficult to​ understand cryptic formats .​
These log files are basically text files that describe actions on​ the​ site .​
It is​ literally impossible to​ use the​ raw log files to​ understand what your visitors are doing .​
If you​ do not have the​ patience to​ go through these huge traffic logs,​ opting for a​ traffic-logging package would be a​ good idea .​
Basically,​ two options are available to​ you​ and these are: using a​ log analysis package or​ subscribing to​ a​ remotely hosted traffic logging service .​
a​ remotely hosted traffic logging service may be easy to​ use and is​ generally the​ cheaper option of​ the​ two .​
WebTrends Live and HitsLink are two good,​ remotely hosted,​ traffic-monitoring services worth considering .​
However,​ WebTrends Live is​ a​ more complicated system and is​ suitable for larger ecommerce websites .​
SuperStats is​ another recommended traffic logging service .​
These services do not use your log files .​
Typically a​ small section of​ code is​ placed on​ any page you​ want to​ track .​
When the​ page is​ viewed,​ information is​ stored on​ the​ remote server and available in​ real time to​ view in​ charts and tables form.
Log analysis packages are typically expensive to​ buy and complex to​ set up .​
Apart from commercial packages there are also some free log analysis packages available,​ such as​ Analog .​
A good traffic logging service would provide statistics pertaining to​ the​ following:
1 How many people visit your site?
2 Where are they from?
3 How are visitors finding your site?
4 What traffic is​ coming from search engines,​ links from other sites,​ and other sources?
5 What keyword search phrases are they using to​ find your site?
6 What pages are frequented the​ most - what information are visitors most interested in?
7 How do visitors navigate within your web site?
Knowing the​ answers to​ these and other fundamental questions is​ essential for making informed decisions that maximize the​ return on​ investment (ROI) of​ your web site investment.
The most important aspect of​ tracking visitors to​ your website is​ analyzing all the​ statistics you​ get from your tracking software .​
The three main statistics that will show your overall progress are hits,​ visitors and page views .​
Hits are tracked when any picture or​ page loads from your server on​ to​ a​ visitor's browser .​
Hits,​ however,​ can be very misleading .​
It is​ quite an​ irrelevant statistic for your website.
The statistic that is​ probably the​ most important for a​ website is​ Page Views/Visitors .​
This gives you​ a​ good indication of​ two things .​
First,​ how many people are coming to​ your site,​ and secondly how long are they staying on​ your site .​
If you​ have 250 visitors and 300 page views you​ can figure that most visitors view one page on​ your site and then leave .​
Generally,​ if​ you're not getting 2 page views per visitor then you​ should consider upgrading your site's content so your visitors will stay around longer .​
If you​ see the​ number of​ visitors you​ have increasing as​ well as​ the​ number of​ page views per visitor increasing then keep up the​ good work! Always look for this stat as​ an​ overall barometer of​ how your site design is​ going and if​ your marketing campaigns are taking hold.
Also,​ a​ good stat to​ look for is​ unique visitors .​
Once a​ person visits your site they will not be added to​ the​ unique visitors' category if​ they visit again .​
This is​ a​ good way to​ track new visitors to​ your website.
Page views are a​ good indication of​ how sticky your website is​ .​
a​ good statistic to​ keep is​ Page Views divided by the​ number of​ Visitors you​ have .​
This statistic will give you​ a​ good idea if​ your content is​ interesting and if​ your visitors are staying on​ your site for a​ long time and surfing.
Some people are intimidated by web traffic statistics (mostly because of​ the​ sheer volume of​ data available),​ but they shouldn't be .​
While there are many highly specialized statistics that can be used for more in-depth web traffic analysis,​ the​ above areas alone can provide invaluable information on​ your visitors and your website performance .​
Remember- this data is​ available for a​ reason .​
It's up to​ you​ to​ use it.
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