6 Secrets To Be The Nice Guy Women Want

Sure you're nice - most people are. So what?

This quality is​ one that reflects your feeling
that you're a​ man worth knowing and you​ deserve
women's attention. But do you​ really believe
that women pay attention to​ what you​ think you​

Being nice is​ not enough. Okay,​ fine,​ you're nice,​
but you​ also need to​ be interesting.

Unfortunately,​ "nice guy" equates to​ wimp/dweeb
in too many people's minds.

Believe me: you​ don't have to​ be a​ jerk to​
attract women!

As a​ matter of​ fact,​ women did not like jerks or​
aggressive men. They are attracted by challenging,​
interesting guys. That's all. you​ can be
interesting,​ challenging and still a​ nice man. Be
yourself but keep in​ mind these significant
things that can make the​ difference between a​
regular nice guy and a​ successful one:

1. Women LOVE a​ man who is​ a​ CHALLENGE... the​
quickest and easiest way I've ever heard to​ let a​
woman know that you​ are the​ guy she should be
pursuing is​ to​ let women know you​ are successful
with women. Be a​ nice guy,​ but one that is​
desirable. :)

2. the​ MOST EFFECTIVE way to​ approach a​ woman and
spark her attraction for you​ is​ giving her a​
COMPLIMENT on​ her looks. This can be suicidal if​
done wrong... but just find something at​ her what
you really think is​ special,​ different about her.
You give attention,​ and you​ will get attention in​

3. Not being aggressive doesn't mean that you​
have to​ wait for madam perfection to​ drop into
your lap (which you​ as​ a​ "nice guy" deserve by
definition,​ of​ course). you​ have to​ take some
initiative. BE SELF-CONFIDENT (but not really
cocky) and show some honest interest in​ something
about a​ woman.

4. the​ best selling genre of​ books in​ the​ world
is romance novels... because women LOVE romance.
So don't talk about sport for God seek! if​ you​
are not the​ type of​ man that reads poetry or​ is​
able to​ talk about moon or​ about the​ smell of​
burned tree leafs,​ don't do it. You'll look
unnatural. But taking your date in​ a​ romantic
place,​ offering her a​ nice flower,​ enjoying some
good music or​ even touching her hand in​ a​
delicate way is​ very romantic.

5. And don't talk only about you. you​ want her to​
listen to​ you? Then first listen carefully to​ her
when she needs to​ be heard. the​ most effective
way to​ be interesting is​ asking questions and…
listens. Only try and you'll see. :)

Keep in​ mind that often (not always,​ but very
often) when a​ woman tells you​ about a​ problem she'
s having,​ she's not looking to​ you​ for the​
solution. What? That doesn't make sense? What
she's often looking for is​ comfort and
reassurance and knowing that YOU'RE THERE.

6. One of​ the​ most important things in​ dating is​
to approach women that are interested in​ dating
and women that seem to​ be interested in​ you. Don'
t try to​ sell candies to​ someone that is​ looking
for peanuts and don't waste your time with women
that are still affected by their ex long term
relationships. you​ don't want to​ be just a​
shoulder to​ cry?

You only live once,​ so live your life well!
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