5 Unbelievable Secret Facts Of A Sure Successful Joint Venture

5 Unbelievable Secret Facts Of a​ Sure-Successful Joint Venture.
As you​ read this article,​ you'll find that the​ subject of​ successful joint venture is​ certainly no exception.
Joint venturing is​ the​ fastest and most preferred way to​ increase sales and cash flow .​
It is​ no longer a​ secret,​ business partners are what make a​ strong company .​
It is​ impossible for a​ person to​ sit alone and wait for businesses to​ come,​ you​ need to​ get your influence out there and that is​ where joint venture partners jump in.
If you​ have been staying for some time on​ the​ Internet,​ you​ should know that JV partners are the​ master key to​ online success .​
Here are some reasons of​ why people are failing to​ get quality joint ventures:
1 .​
Other marketers will not be waiting for you​ to​ reply why they should joint venture with you​ .​
Make sure you​ include the​ reasons why the​ other marketer needs to​ joint venture with you,​ throw all the​ benefits in​ and give a​ compelling reason why they should.
If you​ think that giving your product for free to​ a​ joint venture partner and expect them to​ endorse it​ to​ their list of​ subscribers,​ it​ won’t work .​
Even if​ you​ offer your joint ventures a​ greater profit than you​ do,​ it​ still works if​ both of​ you​ get to​ know each other better and have more joint venture plans in​ the​ future.
2 .​
Many JV offers are thrown into the​ trash bin at​ first sight .​
Why? the​ more famous marketers can receive up to​ 200 JV offers every week,​ they can’t afford to​ just joint venture with any little beings on​ earth .​
Which is​ why,​ you​ need to​ follow-up .​
It is​ important that you​ don’t stop requesting until you​ are noticed.
Even if​ they trashed your email for the​ first time,​ on​ the​ second,​ third and fourth time,​ they should be noticing your existence and be urged to​ open the​ mail .​
Be consistent,​ follow up,​ and you’re half way there .​
If you​ base what you​ do on​ inaccurate information,​ you​ might be unpleasantly surprised by the​ consequences .​
Make sure you​ get the​ whole successful joint venture story from informed sources .​
3 .​
If you​ think sending an​ autoresponder series of​ template emails to​ your potential JV partners is​ a​ good idea,​ you’re killing your own business .​
People are very busy and to​ see that you​ are not even using your own time to​ write a​ proper JV offer,​ they don’t have time for you​ as​ well.
Your JV proposals should be more personalized - if​ possible you​ will even want to​ do a​ research on​ them so that you​ can know more about them and include the​ points in​ your JV offers .​
This makes sure that the​ both of​ you​ have a​ potential of​ being serious JV partners in​ the​ future.
4 .​
JV partners are not affiliates .​
They are more than just affiliates,​ they’re potential super affiliates .​
You need to​ give them more commissions on​ any sales they’ve gotten for you​ .​
If you​ offer a​ 50% of​ commissions to​ your affiliates,​ your JV partners deserve 70% or​ more.
JV partners turns you​ targeted customers,​ they are hungry for similar products .​
Their subscriber trusts what they endorse,​ so it​ is​ the​ best way to​ promote your product .​
With a​ list of​ 10,​000,​ if​ only 1% which is​ 100 who purchase your $97 product,​ you’ll earn $9700 over night with a​ single endorsement .​
1% is​ a​ really low conversion,​ if​ the​ conversion rate increases by another 1% - you’ve already received $19,​400.
5 .​
Targeting the​ big fishes is​ not a​ good idea .​
You should begin from smaller JV partners,​ slowly build each other’s publicity,​ and only approach greater marketers when your subscriber lists are huge .​
This way,​ the​ greater marketers will get a​ more compelling reason in​ having a​ JV with you.
Joint venturing is​ no doubt the​ greatest way of​ getting successful in​ the​ Internet online venture,​ be sure to​ use it​ to​ the​ extreme and you’ll be delighted with the​ outcome.
To Your Success!
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