5 Minute Guide To Choosing A Pet ID Tag

Buying a​ Pet ID tag is​ like buying insurance – you​ do so with the​ devout wish that you’re never going to​ need it. the​ “possible cost” of​ not having a​ pet ID tag is​ more expensive than the​ “actual cost” of​ buying the​ pet tag itself.

The type of​ pet identification tag that you​ buy is​ important,​ so take 5 minutes or​ so to​ think it​ through. Impulsively choosing a​ collar tag because it’s cheap or​ cute often proves to​ be unwise,​ long-term.

Consider the​ following before purchasing any pet id tag:
1.What is​ the​ level of​ risk to​ your pet?
Lost pets are certainly common – we’ve all seen “Lost Dog!” signs tacked around town,​ or​ dead pets lying by the​ side of​ the​ road. if​ your pet is​ a​ master at​ escaping the​ fence,​ or​ a​ breed of​ dog that cannot resist following a​ scent,​ or​ a​ young pet that’s full of​ energy,​ or​ a​ new pet that isn’t properly trained,​ the​ risk of​ a​ lost pet is​ high.

But losing your pet isn’t the​ only risk.

Some pets are stolen. a​ pet thief may snatch Fifi or​ Fido in​ hopes of​ getting a​ reward for its return,​ or​ to​ use in​ dog fights (even small or​ gentle dogs are susceptible – they can be used as​ “bait”),​ or​ for use in​ cult rituals.

And what is​ the​ risk to​ your pet if​ something happens to​ you,​ its owner?

If you’re a​ senior adult with a​ pet,​ particularly if​ you​ live alone or​ are in​ ill health,​ there’s a​ good chance that at​ some point someone else will need to​ care for your furry friend,​ perhaps with little notice. And anyone can be struck by tragedy or​ disaster which leaves you​ unable to​ care for your companion.

In this instance,​ will your pet’s new or​ temporary caregiver know that Rover hates cats,​ or​ that Fluffy needs medication,​ or​ even whether or​ not Max is​ housetrained? a​ pet ID tag that contains more than your name and phone number would be extremely helpful.

2.What level of​ risk are you​ comfortable with?
Some pets are simply more important to​ their owners,​ and the​ risk of​ losing that particular animal warrants a​ specific,​ more expensive type of​ pet ID tag. Risk is​ proportionate to​ value.

Note that there is​ more than one way to​ assess the​ value of​ your pet. it​ may be monetary (a rare purebred dog) or​ functional (a guide dog or​ herding dog).

But for most pet owners,​ the​ emotional attachment they have to​ a​ particular pet determines its value. For many people,​ cats or​ dogs are family members,​ dearly loved and impossible to​ replace.

3.Based on​ your answers to​ the​ two previous questions,​ what do you​ need in​ a​ pet ID tag?
Pet ID tags come in​ varying shapes,​ sizes and materials and hold varying amounts of​ information. Some contain logos or​ artwork,​ too. Most pet ID tags are designed to​ be hung from a​ collar.

At a​ bare minimum,​ a​ pet ID tag should contain the​ name,​ address and phone number of​ the​ pet owner in​ a​ durable,​ legible format. Plastic tags are lightweight but easily chewed. Stainless steel tags are durable and don’t rust or​ fade. These traditional types of​ tags can purchased from any veterinarian or​ pet store. They’re inexpensive but the​ amount of​ information they hold is​ limited to​ the​ size of​ the​ tag.

Fortunately,​ you​ have many more options in​ pet tags these days,​ such as​ microchipping,​ tattooing,​ digital display tags,​ pet registry web sites and voice recorded pet id tags.

One of​ the​ newest entries in​ the​ pet identification market is​ the​ high-tech USB drive that hangs from your pet’s collar (or is​ attached to​ their cage) and which holds 64MB of​ data (including complete medical and diet information). the​ tiny USB drive is​ encased in​ a​ sturdy plastic case and can be plugged into any computer,​ where it​ is​ easily updated and easy to​ print sections for sharing with your vet or​ pet sitter.

No matter what pet ID tag you​ choose,​ making sure your pet wears some type of​ pet identification tag brings peace of​ mind that far outweighs its costs.
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