5 Great Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

With the​ holidays just around the​ corner,​ it's time to​ start thinking of​ gifts to​ give your friends and loved ones. Finding unique gifts can present a​ challenge,​ and most people never consider giving pet-related gifts. Since the​ chances are good that more than one person on​ your holiday gift list has a​ pet that he or​ she adores,​ why not give a​ distinctive gift that your recipient will treasure? Here are five great gift ideas to​ get you​ started:

1. Fine Art Animal Prints

Dogs may come in​ many shapes and sizes,​ but each has a​ personality all its own. One of​ the​ most delightful gifts you​ can give to​ a​ pet lover is​ a​ fine art print of​ his or​ her breed. One of​ the​ most notable artists offering fine art animal prints is​ Lorena Pugh. Her print,​ "Princess,​" for example,​ depicts a​ white toy poodle laying atop a​ stack of​ twelve colorful pillows,​ while "Angel Face" showcases a​ gorgeous pug who has just snagged a​ cluster of​ grapes off of​ a​ dining room table. in​ "Chocolate Craving,​" she realistically captures the​ yearning of​ a​ chocolate lab as​ he reaches for a​ tennis ball against a​ beautiful background of​ blue sky. These limited edition animal prints are sure to​ be treasured,​ as​ each comes with a​ consecutively numbered dog tag to​ match the​ tag in​ the​ print.

2. Crystal Animal Statues

Whether your gift recipient has a​ dog,​ cat,​ horse,​ or​ rabbit,​ he or​ she is​ sure to​ enjoy an​ elegant crystal animal statue. Typically made from 24 percent lead crystal,​ hand-finished animal statues are beautiful yet whimsical. Crystal animal statues can depict a​ wide variety of​ pets,​ from a​ sitting cat to​ a​ dog with a​ bone; from a​ turtle to​ a​ frog; from a​ horse to​ a​ mouse; and from a​ duck to​ a​ dove.

3. Stone Animal Statues

Who wouldn't love a​ playful stone animal statue depicting their beloved pet? Animal garden statues are perfect gifts,​ as​ are stone animal statues for the​ home and office. While some statues - like a​ sleeping spaniel puppy or​ an​ eager dachshund - make you​ feel warm inside,​ others - like a​ cat holding a​ pair of​ binoculars up to​ his eyes,​ ever watchful for a​ bird - make you​ chuckle. Stone animal statues are available for virtually any type of​ pet,​ and are certain to​ be cherished.

4. Animal Posters

If you've ever owned a​ pet,​ you​ know how funny they can be. Animal posters depict pets in​ a​ variety of​ outlandish situations (remember the​ cat in​ "Hang in​ There"?),​ and are eminently affordable. an​ animal poster is​ sure to​ bring a​ smile to​ your recipient's face.

5. Entertainment

When it​ comes to​ gifts for pet lovers,​ there's nothing more unique that pet-related entertainment. There is​ actually a​ music company that creates music for animals,​ so consider giving a​ gift of​ music about and for cats,​ dogs,​ or​ birds. Another great gift idea is​ to​ buy a​ DVD or​ video that is​ designed to​ entertain your recipient's dog or​ cat. Your friend or​ loved one can play the​ DVD or​ video while he or​ she is​ at​ work or​ out running errands - guilt free!

It's both original and thoughtful to​ give a​ gift that acknowledges your recipient's pet as​ a​ central part of​ his or​ her life. Pet lovers will appreciate and treasure your gift,​ whether it's a​ fine art animal print or​ an​ entertaining DVD.
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