4 Secrets Of A Great Page Layout

Designers especially the​ newbies go frantic on​ how to​ go about it. it​ has to​ be attractive,​ engrossing,​ user-friendly and functional. Thus,​ unraveling the​ secrets will definitely bind the​ website.

So,​ what are these layout secrets?

Together let us unfold them one after another…

1. Centering it​ all is​ no good. the​ secret is​ doing the​ contrary and not centering everything. the​ latter will just make the​ page disorganized,​ strewn and drab. the​ alignment may also seem weak and wanting.

2. the​ use and mastery of​ contrast is​ indispensable. Contrast is​ one thing that makes the​ page attractive. the​ use and mastery of​ it​ in​ color,​ value,​ size and weight will greatly affect the​ site’s appearance and edge. in​ fact a​ typeface may appear bigger with the​ use of​ contrast in​ color. the​ latter can also affect the​ look of​ organization of​ the​ page. at​ a​ glance,​ a​ page may appear organized or​ the​ exact opposite. That is​ the​ secret of​ contrast.

3. Apply deviations if​ necessary. Most of​ the​ designers practice nowadays is​ to​ develop a​ ‘uniform-pages’ look. They try to​ use same background colors and other peculiarities to​ establish similarities to​ the​ homepage or​ other pages. But the​ fact is​ that viewers can be easily bored with that scheme. Viewers always want something new and by giving them a​ repetitious work,​ they are pissed off and transfer to​ another site where they can feast both their eyes and mind.

Placing lines in​ between contents also manifests division. Instead of​ using these lines,​ use blank ‘buffer zones’. This way what are created are invisible lines to​ make the​ effect subtle.

4. Do not forget that functionality is​ the​ king of​ web development. Moreover,​ keep the​ content and information full,​ tight and pretty useful. Use the​ space,​ don’t waste. Only leave a​ small percentage for blank spaces. Use the​ space cleverly in​ order for the​ website not to​ look crowded at​ the​ same time loose. Multiple columns are also advisable in​ order to​ maximize space.

These four topmost secrets in​ page layout are so crucial that to​ break them may spell disaster or​ the​ end of​ your precious site.
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