4 Methods To Master The 1 Success Secret Of Infopreneuring 3 Of 3

4 Methods to​ Master the​ #1 Success Secret Of Infopreneuring (3 of​ 3)
If you​ don't have good fresh content to​ use for new products,​ your momentum comes to​ a​ crashing halt and so does your business.
So the​ question begs itself,​ how do you​ consistently create new content?
Here are your four basic options:
1) you​ can continually write your own materials...and you​ should.
2) you​ can record your thoughts and get them transcribed.. .​
and you​ should.
3) you​ can hire a​ ghostwriter to​ write materials for you.. .​
and you​ should.
4) you​ can purchase the​ rights to​ content that you​ can resell.. .​
and you​ should do this as​ well.
Each option has its own positives and negatives but in​ my opinion you​ should be doing a​ little bit of​ each.
Let me explain...
4) you​ can purchase the​ rights to​ content that you​ can resell
Purchasing the​ rights to​ content that has already been created can be a​ double edged sword,​ but,​ if​ you​ do it​ right,​ it​ can be VERY profitable for a​ number of​ reasons.
First and foremost you​ want to​ review the​ legal mumble jumble to​ the​ materials that you​ have purchased .​
There are different rights and you​ need to​ be aware of​ the​ differences .​
I’ll give you​ a​ quick break down of​ the​ basic ones that I​ commonly come across for these types of​ products.
A .​
Recording Rights: These usually grant you​ the​ rights to​ record the​ written material in​ your voice and sell the​ audio for whatever price you​ want .​
They do not give you​ the​ right to​ reprint the​ materials or​ transcribe your audio (yes that is​ the​ same thing!!) and resell that.
B .​
Reprint Rights: Reprint rights give you​ permission to​ resell the​ written content .​
you​ can’t modify the​ content at​ all but you​ can resell it .​
Sometimes there are clauses that do not permit you​ to​ resell the​ product beyond a​ certain price point .​
Make sure you​ read all the​ details carefully
C .​
Master Resell Rights: With master reprint rights you​ basically have permission to​ sell the​ content AND you​ have the​ right to​ sell the​ reprint rights .​
However,​ you​ do not have permission to​ change the​ content at​ all .​
Once again make sure you​ read all the​ conditions yourself because every contract can be different.
D .​
Private Label Reprint Rights: These are basically the​ grand daddy of​ them all .​
These rights allow you​ to​ change the​ content,​ rebrand them with your own logos,​ name,​ graphics,​ and turn around and resell the​ finished product .​
the​ only thing you​ don’t have permission to​ do is​ resell the​ private label reprint rights.
So that’s a​ basic breakdown of​ the​ major categories of​ what you​ would get if​ you​ purchased the​ rights to​ any content .​
I​ do want to​ emphasize that I​ am not a​ lawyer and every agreement is​ unique and different .​
Therefore you​ need to​ read over all the​ legal stuff before you​ agree to​ purchase anything and then start reselling it.
So what are the​ advantages of​ doing this?
Well you​ can get access to​ good quality content that you​ can sell right away .​
Obviously if​ you​ purchase any of​ the​ rights we just talked about you​ will want to​ read the​ content and make sure that it​ is​ a​ good quality product .​
you​ don t want to​ be reselling crappy products.
Another advantage to​ this approach,​ specifically the​ private label resell rights,​ is​ you​ can use the​ content for a​ variety of​ different purposes .​
This is​ where the​ creative imagination really comes into play .​

Here are some examples of​ what you​ could use the​ SAME content for:
1) Break up the​ written course into 5-10 different special reports
2) Rework the​ content into a​ mini-course
3) Chunk up the​ content up into a​ whole bunch of​ articles
4) Break the​ content up and plug it​ into an​ autoresponder series
5) Use the​ content for teaching material on​ a​ teleseminar
6) Use the​ ebook as​ a​ special bonus for an​ existing package that you​ have developed.
7) Break the​ content up into a​ tips series
8) Use the​ content for teaching material in​ a​ seminar
9) Record the​ written material into an​ audio product
10) Use the​ content for a​ monthly newsletter
These are just 10 quick tips for different ways that you​ can use this content once you​ have it .​

Are there more? Absolutely!
There really are all kinds of​ possibilities once you​ learn what you​ can do .​
So purchasing these types of​ rights can be VERY beneficial in​ a​ variety ways.
So how much do these types of​ rights normally cost?
Typically they are a​ one time cost ranging anywhere from 12-15 times the​ retail value all the​ way up to​ 40-60 times the​ retail value (that’s normally for a​ master resell license) .​
That means if​ the​ retail price of​ the​ product is​ $200 an​ average reprint license would be between $2,​500-$3,​000 .​

For a​ master resell license of​ the​ same $200 product the​ cost would be somewhere between $8,​000 - $12,​000 .​

Now that is​ a​ lot of​ money but remember you​ get to​ keep all the​ profits of​ any sales that you​ make from that point onwards .​
So if​ you​ sold this $200 product at​ a​ seminar you​ could potentially make you​ money back very quickly.
If you​ enjoyed this article make sure to​ look up the​ other two articles in​ the​ series dealing with the​ other 3 methods of​ creating content: Part 1 - Writing your own materials and Recording Your Thoughts and Part 2 - Hiring a​ ghostwriter!
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