4 Methods To Master The 1 Success Secret Of Infopreneuring 2 Of 3

4 Methods to​ Master the​ #1 Success Secret Of Infopreneuring (2 of​ 3)
If you​ don't have good fresh content to​ use for new products,​ your momentum comes to​ a​ crashing halt and so does your business.
So the​ question begs itself,​ how do you​ consistently create new content?
Here are your four basic options:
1) you​ can continually write your own materials...and you​ should.
2) you​ can record your thoughts and get them transcribed.. .​
and you​ should.
3) you​ can hire a​ ghostwriter to​ write materials for you.. .​
and you​ should.
4) you​ can purchase the​ rights to​ content that you​ can resell.. .​
and you​ should do this as​ well.
Each option has its own positives and negatives but in​ my opinion you​ should be doing a​ little bit of​ each.
Let me explain...
3) you​ can hire a​ ghostwriter to​ write materials for you
Hiring a​ ghost writer has some major advantages and disadvantages .​
First and foremost it​ takes a​ HUGE burden off your shoulders to​ create original content .​
Secondly it​ frees up a​ lot of​ your time .​
Third,​ it​ feels great when you​ get an​ email from your ghostwriter and the​ ebook/book/manual/article(s) are all complete and ready to​ go - it​ truly is​ the​ magic pill.
There are some downsides however .​
the​ first one is​ the​ cost .​
Depending on​ your project,​ it​ can cost anywhere between $400-$3,​000 to​ get an​ ebook,​ book or​ manual created .​

This is​ relatively cheap when you​ think about the​ fact that you​ can now sell that content and profit from it​ as​ long as​ you​ sell it,​ but it​ still costs quite a​ bit.
The second major downside is​ the​ time it​ takes to​ communicate with the​ ghostwriter .​
If you​ are anything like me,​ you​ don't want to​ be sending out crappy information .​
So that means you​ DO have to​ involve yourself in​ the​ process.
Forget what all the​ gurus try to​ tell you​ about how easy it​ is​ to​ just hire a​ ghostwriter and wake up with a​ finished product.
You tell me if​ this process is​ as​ easy as​ slapping down a​ check and receiving a​ perfect book a​ few days later:
First you​ send your initial thoughts and plans for what you​ want .​
Then they send back their outline,​ you​ make adjustments to​ the​ outline,​ and a​ few days later they send back the​ proof for the​ outline .​

Once the​ outline is​ completed you​ give the​ go-ahead and they write the​ rough draft .​
Obviously this takes some time (usually between 1 week and 2 months depending on​ your project) but once they have completed the​ rough draft its up to​ you​ to​ read the​ rough draft and suggest any changes .​

You’ll want to​ go over the​ rough draft with a​ fine tooth comb to​ prevent the​ writer from going in​ a​ direction you​ didn’t want .​
This isn’t any small task but its well worth the​ effort because you​ are ensuring that the​ product you​ are creating is​ of​ a​ high standard .​

When you​ finish the​ edit of​ the​ rough draft the​ ghostwriter makes the​ adjustments and then sends you​ a​ final draft .​
you​ read the​ final draft and give the​ final ok.
Phew!! That’s a​ lot more than just placing a​ bid on​ eLance and having a​ book show up on​ your doorstep ready to​ sell.
Now,​ if​ you​ care about the​ quality of​ the​ products you​ create please pay close attention to​ this next sentence .​

You need to​ actually READ what the​ ghostwriter has created for you​ .​
It will almost always require you​ to​ make some final changes .​
Make sure you​ get EXACTLY what you​ are looking for otherwise it's a​ product that you​ yourself haven't even completely read .​

Would that make you​ comfortable selling something with your name on​ it​ and you​ don't know everything contained inside?
I can't tell you​ how many products I​ have purchased only to​ find it​ was the​ same old stuff just rehashed .​
Read what they write for you​ .​
Create quality content!!
So although a​ ghostwriter does save you​ a​ TREMENDOUS amount of​ time,​ please don't be fooled into thinking that once you​ hand over the​ assignment your work is​ done .​
It's not.. .​
unless you​ want to​ create a​ crappy product.
It still takes work but it's a​ LOT easier and takes WAY less time once you​ have the​ raw materials to​ work with .​
Your job is​ to​ polish that collection of​ raw ideas into the​ high quality product that would make even your Mom proud :)
If you​ enjoyed this article make sure to​ look up the​ other two articles in​ the​ series dealing with the​ other 3 methods of​ creating content: Part 1 - Writing your own materials and Recording Your Thoughts and coming soon,​ Part 3 - Purchasing the​ Rights Of Content you​ Can Resell!
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