4 Methods To Master The 1 Success Secret Of Infopreneuring 1 Of 3

4 Methods to​ Master the​ #1 Success Secret Of Infopreneuring (1 of​ 3)
If you​ don't have good fresh content to​ use for new products,​ your momentum comes to​ a​ crashing halt and so does your business.
So the​ question begs itself,​ how do you​ consistently create new content?
Here are your four basic options:
1) you​ can continually write your own materials...and you​ should.
2) you​ can record your thoughts and get them transcribed.. .​
and you​ should.
3) you​ can hire a​ ghostwriter to​ write materials for you.. .​
and you​ should.
4) you​ can purchase the​ rights to​ content that you​ can resell.. .​
and you​ should do this as​ well.
Each option has its own positives and negatives but in​ my opinion you​ should be doing a​ little bit of​ each.
Let me explain...
1) you​ can continually write your own materials
Writing you​ own original content is​ important because you​ don't want to​ become dependant on​ other people's thoughts .​
you​ want to​ train yourself to​ consistently think original thoughts and then capture them .​
People want fresh thinking .​
They don't want the​ same old,​ same old .​

Setting aside regular periods to​ work on​ original content is​ a​ GREAT habit to​ form because over a​ period of​ time you’ll have the​ necessary ingredients to​ continually crank out new products for your market .​
Just recently I​ started gathering all of​ the​ content that we have developed over the​ years .​
We had a​ MASSIVE advantage when it​ came to​ creating new products because he has been diligently working on​ creating new materials each and every year .​

When you​ have raw content you​ can always create new things from it .​
Being disciplined to​ plan out time and record your thoughts is​ a​ FANTASTIC habit to​ master and can instantly serve you​ today and well into the​ future.
2) you​ can record your thoughts and get them transcribed
This falls under the​ same category of​ capturing your own original thoughts but it​ has one major advantage.. .​
it's a​ lot easier to​ do.

Most people forget that the​ transcripts are a​ valuable resource in​ product development .​
Your audience will have all kinds of​ different learning preferences .​
By providing the​ transcripts you​ are actually doing your clients a​ great service and as​ a​ result the​ transcripts instantly increase the​ value of​ your package.
If you​ enjoyed this article make sure to​ look up the​ other two articles in​ the​ series coming soon dealing with the​ other 3 methods of​ creating content: Part 2 - Hiring a​ ghostwriter and Part 3 - Purchasing the​ Rights Of Content you​ Can Resell!
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