3 Secrets To Knocking Out Big Competitors

3 Secrets to​ Knocking Out Big Competitors
Nobody likes a​ bully… especially small business marketers .​
If you’ve ever felt like the​ little guy taking punches from a​ heavyweight champion,​ you​ know what I’m talking about .​
Big business has donned its gloves,​ and is​ waiting to​ put small business down for the​ count.
I’ve got good news! Sometimes the​ little guy wins .​
Heck,​ it​ isn’t easy and sometimes it’s a​ close call,​ but little guys do win and when they do… victory is​ sweet!
What can you​ do when you’re being threatened by the​ bully down the​ street?
1 .​
Take a​ careful look at​ the​ Competition
Every business has its strengths and weaknesses .​
you​ need to​ be aware of​ both… your competitors strong points,​ and the​ places where room for improvement is​ quite obvious.
2 .​
Be Flexible
Don’t expect your competitor to​ broadcast his next move so that you​ can be prepared to​ block it .​
You’ve got to​ think a​ step ahead,​ and be ready to​ outsmart his next maneuver.
3 .​
Use a​ little Judo
You don’t have to​ be big and brawny to​ successfully use Judo .​
Why? It’s an​ art that uses your opponent’s momentum to​ trip him up .​
So what if​ you​ don’t have thousands of​ dollars to​ invest in​ a​ campaign .​
When you’re competition has invested his tens of​ thousands in​ one,​ you’ll be able to​ make a​ quick about turn and counteract quickly with a​ smaller campaign of​ your own .​
He’ll either forfeit his investment or​ continue through,​ but loose steam .​

I’m going to​ let you​ in​ on​ a​ little secret about your competitors that might encourage you​ .​
Although big businesses often have a​ wide variety of​ products filling their shelves,​ they often don’t have depth.
Think about it​ this way .​
you​ may run to​ your local department store and find everything ranging from make-up to​ camping equipment .​
the​ problem with that? …chances are they don’t have an​ extremely wide assortment of​ their products.
This means that if​ you’re an​ avid outdoorsman,​ you​ probably wouldn’t be satisfied choosing between two cheap brands of​ tents when there is​ an​ amazing variety on​ the​ market .​
An outdoor related store could get one over on​ the​ big department store by offering the​ widest variety of​ fewer products in​ a​ focused field .​

Another asset about being the​ small guy,​ is​ that it’s easier to​ make a​ quick turn .​
Hey,​ how many managers do you​ have to​ get okays from to​ make a​ quick decision? Think of​ the​ weeks it​ takes for a​ local department store to​ send a​ request from a​ customer for a​ certain product to​ the​ regional or​ national management? Yeah,​ too long!
As a​ small business,​ you​ can have a​ new product on​ your shelves within a​ week .​
If I​ were a​ customer wanting a​ new tent,​ I’d prefer to​ not wait until summer was half over to​ get it.
There are a​ lot of​ benefits to​ being the​ small guy .​
Don’t take bullying lying down .​
you​ have what it​ takes to​ get the​ best end of​ the​ stick and come out a​ winner.
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