2 Secrets To Selecting The Right Hawaii Vacation Rental

You've finally decided you​ and your family on​ going to​ take that long awaited dream vacation in​ Hawaii. You've decided that you​ want to​ go the​ vacation rental route for numerous reasons: privacy,​ comfort,​ location and cost effectiveness. Next,​ you​ probably Googled Oahu Vacation Rentals and are faced with the​ daunting task of​ choosing among some 175,​000 web sites. Where to​ begin? Here's two secrets that will help you​ make the​ right choice so you​ can enjoy your stay in​ Hawaii to​ its fullest.

Secret One: Use a​ reservation service. There are several reasons for this. First,​ a​ single property vacation rental listing by owner will severely limit you​ to​ the​ dates that you​ can take your vacation. Vacation rental properties in​ Hawaii run nearly 90% occupancy,​ so unless you​ know your travel dates six months to​ a​ year out the​ odds are high that their property won't be available for the​ travel dates you​ had in​ mind. Second,​ the​ owner is​ only concerned with booking their own property so they will extol the​ virtues of​ their vacation rental and not mention any of​ the​ faults.

Secret Two: Make the​ right choice of​ reservation service. Make sure it​ is​ locally owned and operated. Websites like vrbo and findrentals (for instance) don't have a​ clue about geography,​ weather,​ attractions,​ events and the​ other necessary information required to​ give you​ the​ property that best fills your needs. For instance,​ let's say you​ want to​ whale watch but also want to​ vacation on​ Oahu. Your reservation service should be able to​ tell you​ that you​ need to​ stay on​ the​ windward side of​ the​ island if​ you​ want to​ see the​ whales. Another tip-off of​ services to​ avoid are those that do automated,​ credit card bookings. Steer clear of​ these services as​ this implies they aren't interested in​ talking to​ you,​ they just want your money. Be wary of​ sites that have more than 100 properties….there aren't that many decent selections on​ Oahu,​ or​ any of​ the​ other Hawaiian islands,​ on​ the​ market. the​ more a​ service exceeds 100 properties,​ the​ greater the​ odds you'll end up in​ an​ overpriced,​ undesirable vacation rental. Here's another great hint. if​ a​ reservation service states that they have hotels or​ condos available in​ Kailua,​ or​ will have them soon,​ choose another service. Since,​ by zoning law,​ Kailua does not allow hotels or​ condos,​ you​ should realize that once again,​ this is​ a​ service that wants your money,​ not your piece of​ mind. Always ask the​ reservation service person you​ are talking to​ where they are located. Someone based in​ Las Vegas or​ Los Angeles won't have a​ clue about how to​ give you​ the​ best property for the​ vacation experience you​ have in​ mind.

With the​ standard vacation rental property terms being no refunds after you've paid your deposit,​ you​ absolutely want to​ make sure you​ make the​ right choice. a​ good reservation service will ask you​ questions about what you​ want to​ do and see on​ your vacation and will actually try and talk you​ out of​ a​ property you​ had in​ mind if​ they don't think it​ appropriate to​ what you​ had in​ mind. This is​ not an​ attempt to​ upsell you,​ it's more a​ matter of​ matching your vacation desires and needs with the​ perfect choice of​ vacation rental venue. One vacation rental reservation service that meets all these requirements is​ Pacific Islands Reservations. They are owned and operated by Ingrid Carvalho,​ who was born and raised in​ the​ islands,​ as​ were her parents,​ grandparents and great-grandparents. She has been serving visitors to​ Hawaii vacation rental needs since 1996. She currently represents ninety vacation rentals on​ Oahu and another 90 vacation rentals on​ Maui,​ Kauai and the​ Big Island. She has actually been to​ each and every property she represents--she even took most of​ the​ photographs of​ the​ vacation rentals you​ see on​ her web sites. She doesn't take credit cards but she's happy to​ spend time talking with you​ to​ make sure you​ get the​ right property to​ maximize the​ value and enjoyment of​ your vacation.
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