10 Secrets To Improving Your Websites Conversion Ratio

According to​ the​ so-called experts,​ a​ decent conversion ratio is​ right around one percent. in​ other words,​ one out of​ every one hundred visitors to​ your website converts to​ a​ sale.

Personally,​ I think you​ should ignore what the​ experts say,​ and strive to​ achieve as​ high a​ conversion ratio as​ possible. you​ should never be satisfied. you​ should always be looking for ways to​ improve your conversion ratio. My website consistently converts anywhere from 3 to​ 5 percent,​ and often converts as​ high as​ ten percent!

Unless you're selling a​ big-ticket item and making £200 or​ more per sale,​ it's extremely difficult to​ make any real money with only a​ one percent conversion ratio.

Of course,​ there are exceptions to​ every rule,​ and if​ your website is​ attracting hundreds or​ even thousands of​ visitors a​ day,​ then obviously you​ can do quite well with a​ one percent or​ lower conversion ratio.

But what if​ you​ don't have that kind of​ traffic - and most websites don't. Then what? What if​ you're selling a​ £20 e-book and you're only attracting a​ hundred visitors a​ day to​ your website? With a​ one percent conversion ratio,​ that means your website is​ making a​ measly £20 a​ day. And believe me,​ that am much more common than you​ realize.

However,​ what if​ you​ could improve your conversion ratio to​ 3 percent,​ 5 percent,​ All of​ a​ sudden; you're making £60 to​ £100 a​ day with the​ same amount of​ traffic. Improve your conversion ratio to​ ten percent and viola,​ that £100 a​ day turns into £200 a​ day!

So,​ how do you​ go about improving your website's conversion ratio? Here are some tips that should help:

1. Make sure your visitors know what you​ do,​ the​ instant they land on​ your website. Don't make them have to​ guess. Tell them right up front with a​ benefits-laden headline.

2. Make sure the​ design of​ your website is​ up to​ par,​ Make it​ easy to​ navigate. Get rid of​ distracting flash or​ stupid,​ meaningless graphics that are a​ waste of​ everybody's time and take forever to​ load,​ Simplify your website. Get rid of​ the​ flash,​ graphics and pop-ups!

3. Use psychologically effective colours. the​ colour blue suggests quality,​ trustworthiness,​ success,​ seriousness,​ calmness - the​ perfect choice for sales pages. Avoid purple,​ which connotes uncertainty and ambiguity,​ and only use yellow to​ highlight key words and phrases. in​ addition,​ try to​ have as​ much white space as​ possible. This makes for a​ much cleaner looking,​ easier to​ read website.

4. Get your own domain name. URL's that contain names like,​ "Geocities",​ "Angelfire" or​ "Tripod" have amateur written all over them.

5. Prove what you​ say. Back up your claims with cold,​ hard,​ indisputable and verifiable facts

6. Put your name,​ telephone number and street address on​ your website

7. Use authentic customer testimonials,​ complete with first and last names. Just make sure you​ get your customers permission first.

8. Offer a​ fair and reasonable money-back guarantee. Thirty days is​ good. Sixty or​ ninety days are better!

9. Make it​ easy for your customers to​ pay. And offer a​ variety of​ payment options. I can assure you,​ if​ you're using PayPal only,​ you're losing sales. There are a​ lot of​ people out there,​ I included,​ and that just won't do business with PayPal. It's too much of​ a​ hassle!

10. And last but not least,​ make sure you​ have a​ powerful sales letter. a​ strong and effective sales letter can blast your earnings into the​ upper stratosphere!

If you​ aren't capable of​ writing that type of​ sales letter yourself,​ hire a​ copywriting expert to​ write it​ for you.
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