Your Well Being And Taxes

Your Well Being And Taxes
Few things threaten your well-being like the​ harassment and anxiety of​ persistent tax problems .​
Most people make 3 mistakes that get them in​ trouble with the​ IRS .​
They procrastinate .​
They attempt to​ represent themselves .​
They hire sub-par representation and now are in​ MORE need of​ help than ever before.
These are the​ kind of​ services a​ Tax Attorney can provide: Offer in​ Compromise Cases,​ Penalty Abatement Petitions,​ Full Audit Representations Business Strategy Sessions .​
Preparation and Filing of​ Tax Returns .​
Settle taxes for Pennies on​ the​ Dollar owed,​ Stop IRS wage and bank levies (garnishments),​ Have property liens lifted,​ get affordable installment agreements,​ File bankruptcy against the​ IRS,​ Have penalties and interest forgiven,​ Reduce taxes by running out the​ IRS' time to​ collect .​
Offer in​ Compromise: Settle your taxes for Pennies on​ the​ Dollar owed Professional law offices can help get you​ a​ favorable settlement with an​ experienced IRS tax attorney .​
The IRS' Offer in​ Compromise program allows taxpayers to​ settle their tax debt.
What is​ an​ IRS offer in​ compromise?
It settles your tax liability for less than the​ full amount owed,​ providing you​ can prove you​ don't have the​ ability to​ pay .​
Depending on​ how much you​ can afford,​ you​ really can pay Pennies on​ the​ Dollar Owed in​ taxes .​
If it​ is​ done correctly - this option could save you​ an​ enormous amount of​ money,​ and is​ the​ best strategy for most taxpayers .​
You should take extreme caution .​
You should hire a​ professional with knowledge of​ the​ IRS' procedures .​
This professional should determine the​ least amount that the​ IRS will accept from you​ .​
If the​ Offer is​ not submitted correctly it​ will be rejected,​ or​ you​ may be required to​ pay more than is​ necessary.
An Offer in​ Compromise may save you​ a​ LARGE amount of​ money .​
Do you​ know that the​ IRS only has a​ limited time to​ collect your back taxes? Let a​ Professional Tax Attorney determine when the​ IRS' time limit to​ collect taxes runs out .​
In most cases the​ IRS has only a​ limited time to​ collect the​ unpaid taxes .​
You must CAREFULLY evaluate exactly when that time period will run out .​
Your troubles may be solved .​
and moreover: If the​ IRS' time has run out,​ or​ if​ it​ will run out soon,​ your troubles may be over.
Delaying tactics may be used to​ stall the​ IRS while their time runs out .​
Once the​ IRS is​ out of​ time,​ they MUST stop ALL collection action against you.
The IRS MUST release all property liens
Many people fail to​ file Individual Income Tax Returns for a​ variety of​ reasons .​
Some reasons are innocent,​ although the​ most common is​ the​ fact that people can't afford to​ pay the​ taxes.
When this happens it​ becomes difficult to​ get back into the​ system .​
I​ filed for 1998 .​
I​ couldn't pay for 2000,​ so I​ did not file .​
Then I​ was afraid to​ file for 2001 .​
I​ haven't filed since then .​
What can I​ do now?
If you​ do not file Income Tax Returns you​ commit a​ criminal offense .​
However,​ no one who has voluntarily filed back returns before being caught has ever been criminally prosecuted .​
That is​ the​ first key: filing BEFORE they catch you.
IRS Penalties
Some IRS penalties can be as​ high as​ 100% to​ 150% of​ the​ original taxes owed .​
Even if​ you​ could pay the​ taxes owed,​ the​ extra penalties will make it​ impossible to​ pay off the​ entire balance.
The IRS imposes penalties to​ punish taxpayers and keep them in​ line .​
The IRS does forgive penalties .​
Before you​ pay the​ IRS any penalty amounts,​ you​ may want to​ consider requesting the​ IRS to​ not punish you​ because it​ wasn't your fault.
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