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Your Obese Child & School Nutrition
Good Nutrition in​ School Can Help to​ Fight Childhood Obesity
Perhaps you​ are trying to​ help your child lose weight,​ or​ you​ feel he or​ she may be in​ danger of​ becoming overweight or​ unhealthy because of​ their eating and exercise habits.
If so,​ it​ is​ important that you​ consider the​ impact of​ your child’s time at​ school as​ you​ think about what you​ need to​ change.
As the​ U. S. government has studied obesity,​ many of​ their agencies have produced reports and established guidelines to​ help parents and school systems understand how to​ make important changes.
These guidelines are designed to​ encourage our children to​ eat healthy foods and get plenty of​ exercise.
Across the​ country,​ schools are beginning to​ offer more good food choices,​ and look at​ their physical education and extra curricular activities to​ ensure that they encourage good habits.
Of course your involvement and understanding is​ important if​ your child is​ going to​ get the​ right support while she or​ he is​ in​ school during the​ day.
And,​ you​ need to​ ensure that your child understands the​ importance of​ CHOOSING the​ healthy foods and participating in​ exercise programs,​ but the​ first step is​ to​ make sure these choices are AVAILABLE to​ your child.
Working with medical organizations,​ the​ USDA published a​ ‘Prescription for Change’,​ and ‘Healthy School Nutrition Environments’.
These reports were meant to​ be used by schools to​ improve their nutritional program.
Here are some of​ the​ recommendations included in​ those reports.
** the​ Serving and Dining Environment
** the​ Federal,​ State and local government must provide adequate funding for food and eating environs to​ support healthy eating.
** Dining space will be adequate,​ pleasant and socially accommodating,​ and will accommodate all students and staff scheduled to​ eat at​ a​ certain time of​ day.
** Serving areas will be sufficient to​ ensure that every student has access to​ meals with a​ minimum of​ waiting time,​ so that they have plenty of​ time to​ eat before their next class.
** the​ staff and administration of​ the​ school,​ and the​ students and parents will analyze the​ current environment,​ working together to​ create a​ space that matches the​ needs of​ all parties.
Nutritional Concerns Regarding Meals and Foods
** Meals should comply with USDA nutritional standards and guidelines,​ and students should have plenty of​ food choices,​ with new foods introduced to​ keep the​ menu interesting and healthy.
** Food preparation and preferences should be varied enough to​ comply with various tastes and ethnic preferences or​ religious requirements.
** Additional food and drink offered,​ over and above meals served,​ e. g. vending machines and packaged ‘snacks’,​ will represent the​ 5 major food groups in​ the​ Food Guide Pyramid.
**Students must have designated lunch periods,​ long enough for them to​ get their food and eat at​ a​ healthy pace.
** Lunch periods should be as​ close to​ the​ middle of​ the​ day as​ possible and should allow time for socialization and a​ relaxed eating pace.
** All decisions made by the​ school system regarding the​ type,​ variety and quantity of​ food and drink to​ be sold in​ the​ school will be based on​ nutritional goals and sound guidelines,​ NOT on​ the​ profit the​ school can make.
Nutrition and Health Focused Curriculum
** Kindergarten through Grade 12 classes should include education and information on​ healthy eating habits and the​ types of​ foods a​ child should eat to​ stay healthy and help them grow.
Now that you​ understand the​ concerns and recommendations of​ the​ USDA and the​ national medical organizations,​ go to​ a​ school board meeting and talk to​ the​ board members about what they are doing to​ comply with these guidelines.
If you​ don’t know what your child’s eating environment and food choices are,​ visit the​ school and find out. Get involved with the​ PTA or​ PTO in​ your school system and get to​ work!
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