Working Out Is Not Like Doing Your Taxes

It comes once a​ year and it​ always seems to​ get put off until the​ last minute. you​ swear that you​ will never do it​ again,​ but alas,​ it​ is​ the​ last minute tax crunch. Unfortunately,​ working out is​ not like taxes. it​ is​ not something that you​ can get away with cramming in​ at​ the​ last minute and only focus on​ once a​ year.

Sporadic workouts done with great intensity are a​ sure way to​ land you​ with an​ injury,​ not to​ mention mediocre health and fitness. So what is​ the​ solution?

A better work out program?
Plyometrics and periodic training?
Better exercise equipment?
Personal Trainer?

All of​ those things can help,​ but the​ key is​ consistency. No matter how great your plan,​ club,​ training,​ etc,​ is; it​ is​ quickly undermined by inconsistency. One month of​ working out,​ followed by eleven months of​ sitting on​ your butt,​ spells disaster.

The first key to​ being consistent is​ enjoying the​ process. Now enjoying doing your taxes is​ a​ stretch,​ but enjoying working out is​ possible. if​ you​ want the​ results working out can bring you,​ it​ is​ going to​ have to​ become a​ habit like brushing your teeth. you​ Don't have to​ love doing it,​ but you​ better make sure you​ Don't hate it.

The first step to​ turn working out into a​ habit is​ realizing that working out needs to​ be habit. It’s not just an​ inconvenience you​ push through to​ finally allow you​ to​ fit into those one size smaller jeans.

To be healthy and to​ keep your body running smoothly,​ you​ are going to​ have to​ maintain some type of​ consistent workout plan and the​ good news is​ that you​ get to​ choose the​ plan. Knowing that working out is​ something you​ need to​ be doing the​ rest of​ your life,​ why not make it​ enjoyable?

There is​ also a​ very powerful physiological effect that happens when you​ turn working out into a​ habit. By committing to​ the​ new healthier lifestyle,​ you​ start to​ remove internal sabotage. if​ you​ are fighting to​ get to​ the​ gym,​ doing a​ work out you​ hate,​ just to​ lose weight or​ get to​ a​ fitness level,​ there will always be a​ voice of​ doubt in​ your head. Everyday you​ will have to​ fight that voice and it​ will eventually win.

By committing to​ working out consistently,​ the​ voice of​ doubt eventually disappears. No longer are you​ on​ a​ mad push to​ get to​ that perfect fitness goal. you​ are committed to​ working out and enjoying the​ process which eventually also brings you​ that fitness goal.

All of​ a​ sudden,​ not working out will feel funny. you​ will crave the​ consistency of​ taking the​ steps that makes your body feel great. No longer will working out be a​ “have to”,​ it​ will become a​ “get to.”
The act of​ following a​ consistent workout plan will become the​ habit and the​ target of​ that plan,​ will be the​ goal you​ are striving for. Whether you​ achieve your goal,​ have a​ set back,​ or​ decide on​ a​ different goal,​ your underlying motivation of​ consistently following a​ workout plan will never change. This allows consistently working out to​ become a​ habit,​ even though,​ the​ specifics of​ what you​ do,​ changes.

You have to​ work out consistently to​ keep you​ body running at​ its best and you​ have to​ do taxes. you​ might not like taxes,​ but if​ you​ make working out a​ habit you​ enjoy,​ you​ will end up keeping it​ the​ rest of​ your life.
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