Why You Re Probably Not Getting The Best Mortgage Rate Quote

Why you're probably not getting the​ best mortgage rate quote?
A loan is​ basically a​ product and like all products,​ its sales pitches can be exaggerated .​
The end result is​ that you​ end up with a​ loan that may not suit your needs at​ all .​
When shopping around for the​ best mortgage rate that is​ most suitable for you,​ one needs to​ be highly discerning with exactly what is​ being offered.
Short-Term Adjustable Rate
Many consumers make the​ common mistake of​ choosing a​ one-year adjustable rate mortgage due to​ the​ deceptively low rate being advertised .​
Deceptive,​ because,​ in​ the​ very next year,​ the​ rate shoots up .​
It is​ most important that you​ keep in​ mind that it​ is​ not in​ the​ best interests of​ lenders to​ offer you​ a​ loan with the​ lowest possible interest rate .​
Typically they would prefer you​ to​ opt for the​ highest rate you​ could possibly afford .​
Doing so will ensure that in​ addition to​ their regular commission,​ mostly one percent of​ the​ loan amount,​ an​ overage of​ an​ extra one or​ two percent is​ earned for selling you​ a​ loan priced higher than the​ most favorable deal for you​ .​
To avoid this situation,​ insist on​ the​ daily rate card from your loan officer that lists the​ lowest rates of​ all his products.
Regulation Offers Some Protection
the​ Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (Respa) lays down that lenders must give an​ accurate estimate of​ closing costs at​ the​ time of​ submitting your application .​
Extra charges are in​ violation of​ the​ law .​
Nevertheless many banks often try to​ slip them in​ .​
Insist on​ a​ detailed list of​ closing costs .​
If you​ find any suspicious or​ unnecessary charges,​ you​ have the​ right to​ ask your loan officer for an​ explanation.
While it​ may be advisable to​ seek recommendations for mortgage lenders,​ you​ need to​ be careful if​ the​ advice comes from a​ real estate agent .​
With estate agents,​ it​ is​ more likely that instead of​ referring you​ to​ the​ best deal possible,​ they send you​ to​ the​ lenders who pay them a​ commission for doing so .​
Mortgage brokers will often mislead you​ with pre approvals .​
They lead you​ to​ believe that a​ pre approval practically guarantees you​ the​ mortgage .​
However,​ at​ the​ actual time of​ getting approved for a​ mortgage,​ these pre-approvals are of​ no value and may as​ well be wastebasket approvals.
The Government has made efforts to​ ensure protection for the​ consumers with government mandated disclosure forms .​
However the​ miniscule type combined with complex financial figures can be difficult to​ read or​ comprehend easily .​
Even worse,​ it​ can be use to​ conceal the​ truth just as​ it​ can reveal it .​
Overall,​ make sure that when you​ are selecting your quotes,​ you​ keep in​ mind that opting for what appears to​ be the​ cheapest quote initially,​ or​ depending completely on​ the​ recommendations of​ the​ lender are not good strategies with seeking out the​ right mortgage for you.
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