Why Network Marketing Sucks

Why Network Marketing Sucks
On the​ face of​ it,​ network marketing should be very effective .​
You buy a​ product,​ recommend it​ to​ all your friends and earn a​ commission on​ what they buy .​
This 'word-of-mouth' advertising is​ what the​ big TV advertisers most fear: your product endorsement to​ your friends actually carries much more clout than an​ expensive tele-ad .​
So,​ you​ earn a​ few pennies or​ bucks on​ each sale .​
But the​ big money comes (or is​ supposed to) when you​ recruit your friend to​ do as​ you​ have done - to​ recommend the​ product to​ all their friends - and recruit them into the​ network,​ too .​
And you​ get a​ few bucks on​ their sales,​ and as​ your network grows exponentially,​ so does your income .​
So why doesn't it​ work? Why do 97% of​ network marketers fail?
There are two main answers .​
First,​ the​ compensation plan .​
To earn anything at​ all you​ have to​ shift product .​
Suppose that you​ get $1 on​ average for each order that flows through your downline .​
That means that you​ and your team have to​ make 100 sales to​ make you​ $100 .​
That's not much .​
To live the​ life you​ dreamed of,​ to​ give up your day-job,​ to​ spend more time with your family,​ to​ pay off your mortgage and car loan and credit-card debts,​ you're probably going to​ need $500,​000 (at least!) At $1 a​ pop it's going to​ take you​ a​ long,​ long time.
Which is​ where the​ 'recruitment' part of​ the​ business comes in​ .​
If only you​ could recruit enough people into your team you​ could shift all that product and get rich .​
But you've run out of​ friends,​ and anyway,​ most of​ them don't want to​ know or​ are lousy at​ networking .​
So this is​ the​ second reason why network marketers fail .​
To expand your downline you​ have to​ go out and recruit strangers .​
And most people hate doing this .​
It's difficult,​ demoralizing and exhausting .​
So 97 networkers out of​ 100 give up and fail .​
The dream withers and dies.
So what's the​ answer?
Making a​ fortune $1 at​ a​ time is​ not the​ way to​ go .​
And cold-calling strangers is​ about as​ much fun as​ pulling your own teeth .​
Just forget about the​ traditional network marketing model: instead look at​ it​ from a​ tycoon's point of​ view .​
You'll make more money for less effort if​ you​ sell a​ big ticket item .​
Instead of​ making $1 profit per sale,​ why not make $500? And if​ selling to​ strangers gives you​ a​ pain in​ the​ head,​ why not delegate? Pass the​ job over to​ the​ experts and let them do all the​ schmoozing,​ selling and closing .​
This is​ what I​ do and you​ could do the​ same.
You can operate this system from anywhere in​ the​ world from behind your computer screen .​
This is​ not a​ pyramid,​ neither is​ it​ MLM .​
And you​ can do it​ even if​ you​ are a​ complete and out-and-out introvert.
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