Wholesale Business Tax Season Tips

One of​ the​ great steps your wholesale business portfolio can suffer or​ pass with greater ease is​ the​ Uncle Sam month- April month. For this exceptional month when you​ are a​ retailer or​ a​ wholesale distributor situation can get complicated or​ very simple.

If you​ own an​ e-commerce store on​ the​ Internet selling hundreds and thousands of​ items a​ year without being incorporated with the​ many options you​ have as​ a​ business owner,​ could be financial suicide. Whether you​ sell DVDs,​ video games accessories,​ or​ drop ship audio merchandise on​ a​ yearly if​ you​ do not incorporate your e-commerce store you​ risk having to​ pay thousands of​ dollars at​ the​ regular maximum rate for taxes in​ the​ USA or​ in​ your country of​ residence.

Not only that if​ you​ are not incorporated as​ a​ C-corporation,​ S-corporation or​ as​ an​ Limited Liability Corporation known as​ the​ famous and simple LLC- the​ possibilities of​ having to​ pay the​ likely 40-50% cut to​ Mr. Uncle Sam every April of​ every year are not possible,​ are empirical. Total scrutiny if​ you​ ask many business owners that have seen the​ difference in​ tax cuts and are successfully with there fully worked incorporation.

Having it​ as​ a​ wake-up call note,​ the​ financial risk you​ are having for not protecting your business and personal assets can be very,​ very damaging to​ your pocket. Whether you​ are making $500 a​ year or​ $140,​000 plus a​ year in​ sales,​ it​ will be advisable for you​ to​ incorporate.

Protection,​ huge savings and tax cut from the​ many loopholes the​ government already offers you,​ are gigantic- consult with your accountant or​ nearest advisor for getting the​ facts for your retail,​ wholesale distributor business or​ any other business endeavor you​ have already started.

Giving you​ a​ fast early bird example- lets say that you​ sell eBay items and that you​ are also a​ consultant for your niche or​ sub-niche businesses. at​ least here at​ Puerto Rico and potentially,​ at​ many US states- in​ those famous tax forms,​ you​ can deduct many of​ your expenses like food,​ gas tank,​ restaurant dinners while still getting to​ put your car monthly expenses and even house as​ tax deductible. Best of​ all,​ your deductions will not suffer or​ be deducted from your years growth income.

Your income stays high,​ your growth income is​ counted and the​ possibility of​ paying the​ average 40-50% rate in​ April decreases greatly. you​ will have to​ consult with your tax advisor about the​ great positive loopholes that the​ US government has given for the​ incorporated.

With a​ great educated and knowledgeable wholesale business accountant,​ taking advantage of​ these tax loopholes whether you​ are a​ retailer or​ wholesale distributor could mean the​ difference between a​ brand new car being fully paid with such savings or​ a​ Subway chicken soup savings. Decide early!
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