Whats Missing From Your Network Marketing Business

How many times have you​ been told it​ was possible to​ earn a​ full-time income in​ network marketing by sponsoring friends,​ family,​ neighbors,​ coworkers... your "warm market",​ only to​ find out that it​ wasn't true?

If you're like 90% of​ network marketers,​ you're struggling to​ earn even the​ equivalent of​ minimum wage from your home business,​ and quitting your day job is​ still little more than a​ dream.

What's missing from your network marketing business is​ a​ real business plan. Going after your "warm market" is​ a​ great business plan for your network marketing company because they have access to​ LOTS of​ "warm markets". It's a​ numbers game that works in​ their favor. Every one of​ their distributors is​ going to​ tell everyone they know about the​ product and the​ business opportunity... that's a​ lot of​ free advertising,​ and some members of​ those "warm markets" will buy the​ products or​ become distributors themselves,​ and then tell everyone they know.

It works great for the​ network marketing companies. Any ROI on​ an​ advertising budget of​ nearly $0 is​ a​ great return. it​ doesn't work so well for you​ though because you​ only have ONE "warm market". ONE group of​ friends,​ family,​ neighbors,​ coworkers,​ etc. and very few of​ them are entrepreneurial enough to​ recognize a​ good opportunity when it's presented to​ them... let alone risk their time,​ effort,​ and money pursuing that opportunity even if​ they do see it. the​ numbers don't work in​ your favor. you​ simply can't do enough volume within your "warm market",​ so the​ "warm market" approach is​ a​ terrible business plan as​ far as​ your own business is​ concerned. if​ you're persistent enough you​ probably will sign a​ few people up... but not enough for it​ to​ be worth your while.

A real business plan will correctly identify members of​ a​ "target market" and describe a​ system for communicating an​ offer to​ satisfy a​ want or​ need that exists within that group. Does handing out DVDs to​ everyone you​ know,​ and dragging them off to​ meetings for no reason other than you​ happen to​ know them sound like a​ real business plan?

It's important to​ know that there's a​ difference between a​ "target market" and a​ "warm market". the​ network marketing companies call the​ people you​ have a​ personal relationship with a​ "warm market" because the​ people you​ know are "warm" to​ you... however,​ they usually aren't very "warm" to​ the​ idea of​ starting a​ network marketing business. a​ "target market" on​ the​ other hand is​ an​ identifiable group of​ people who are likely to​ be interested in​ what you're offering.

So,​ who is​ your target market?

It's simple. Your target market is​ the​ 90% of​ network marketers who are not successful.

What do they need?

First,​ understand what they DON'T need. They DON'T need a​ new network marketing business opportunity... they already have one. Pitching your opportunity to​ them would be like trying to​ sell a​ car to​ someone who just bought a​ new one. They're not in​ the​ market. They'll probably be needing to​ fill the​ gas tank though.

What's the​ fuel that runs a​ network marketing business? Generating leads... and sponsoring them.

To satisfy that need,​ you​ need to​ learn how to​ generate leads yourself and then build or​ acquire a​ system to​ communicate with them,​ and ultimately sponsor them... automatically. You're halfway there now that you​ know who your target market is. Network marketers are easy to​ find on​ the​ Internet,​ in​ fact many of​ them have probably already found you... been spammed lately? Got a​ reply button?

The next step is​ to​ learn something about copy-writing,​ landing and capture pages,​ and sequential auto-responders. Learn the​ mechanics of​ putting together an​ automated lead generation and follow-up system,​ and then put one together. All the​ information you​ need in​ order to​ accomplish this is​ readily available,​ just search for it​ in​ Google.

If you​ don't have the​ inclination to​ put such a​ system together on​ your own,​ then there are plenty of​ ready-made systems available to​ plug into and again Google can help you​ find them. Once you​ have your system in​ place don't use it​ to​ send out marketing letters about your business opportunity. Use it​ to​ sell yourself,​ and the​ system you've created (or obtained),​ and to​ provide valuable information that will help others to​ succeed. Remember,​ your target market is​ looking for fuel... they've already got a​ vehicle. They'll get into your vehicle with you​ once you've demonstrated your value to​ them.

Nobody gets into network marketing to​ sell vitamins,​ cosmetics,​ or​ anything else. They get into network marketing because they see it​ as​ a​ vehicle to​ achieve financial freedom. if​ they perceive your system as​ the​ fuel they need in​ order to​ take their network marketing career to​ the​ next level then they'll be open to​ joining your team in​ order to​ use your system.

When you​ can step outside your "warm market" to​ generate qualified leads within your "target market",​ and follow-up with them automatically... then you've basically got yourself a​ network marketing gas station. You've got something that 90% of​ network marketers want and need,​ and are actively seeking. Sponsoring many of​ those who go through your system and see value in​ it​ will be the​ natural result.
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