What P G Can Learn From Network Marketings Biggest Mistake

What P&G Can Learn From Network Marketing's Biggest Mistake
As a​ fan of​ P&G and someone who's been educating the​ Network Marketing industry for 17 years,​ my heart sank when I​ read about P&G's latest marketing tactic - bribing women to​ use their friendships to​ sell soap.
NM has created an​ image of​ an​ industry whose people use and abuse their friends for personal gain .​
P&G has just created an​ army of​ 600,​000 women who are using their friends in​ exchange for soap and coupons.
The NM recruiters' pitch: Make money doing what you​ do everyday - recommending things to​ friends .​
Just go to​ people you​ know and talk up products like you​ always do .​
Only this time get paid for it .​
You do it​ everyday .​
This is​ the​ same thing.
Who wouldn't want to​ make money doing something they do everyday?
But 95% drop out .​
Worse,​ thousands of​ reps in​ and out of​ the​ business talk about their new status as​ members of​ the​ NFL - No Friends Left .​
They've used them up .​
So now they have no money,​ and no more friends.
Here's the​ big mistake:
NO NM company I​ know of​ teaches people to​ tell up front that they're selling the​ product they're talking up .​
(Because that would contradict the​ recruiting mantra that they're getting paid to​ just do what they always do.) So when the​ other gal gets enthusiastic and wants to​ get the​ product too,​ the​ truth comes out: Uh,​ I​ sell it.
And right then the​ trust is​ broken.
Ahh .​
So that's why we had this chat and you​ said all those nice things about it...
The next time,​ the​ friend doesn't return the​ call.
Note: This reaction has nothing to​ do with the​ quality of​ the​ product .​
It's having led the​ friend to​ believe they were just chatting the​ way friends do - using the​ transparent and trusted word of​ mouth channel - reserved for friends who speak with NO ulterior motive .​
See Wikpedia's clear definition here.
P&G's new tactic of​ bribing women to​ talk up products to​ their friends without telling could lead to​ the​ same erosion of​ trust among friends.
We know that the​ most powerful form of​ marketing is​ an​ advocacy message from a​ trusted friend,​ says Steve Knox,​ CEO of​ a​ P&G company doing this.
So they find the​ biggest talkers who,​ for a​ box of​ product and discount coupons,​ will chat up these products to​ friends,​ without disclosing a​ thing.
The tactic seems to​ be increasing sales significantly for P&G right now .​
But it​ may very well implode,​ and here's why:
They conveniently leave it​ up to​ the​ bribed women to​ tell or​ not to​ tell .​
Those who don't,​ and I​ expect that's most because it​ changes the​ dynamic instantly,​ will have to​ deal with the​ fallout - the​ reactions of​ their friends who find out later that their recommendations were paid for.
If a​ friend of​ mine were talking up a​ product or​ program to​ me,​ and they were secretly bribed like this and didn't tell me,​ and I​ found out later,​ it's the​ last time I'd listen to​ them with an​ open heart and mind.
I do NOT mind people I​ know making money on​ me .​
I​ have helped them do it,​ by making sure they DID get paid for referrals that were worth money to​ me .​
But I​ want to​ know up front .​
So I​ can adjust my listening strategies .​
I​ don't want to​ find out later,​ after I've already let my most vulnerable side respond to​ the​ (secretly paid for) recommendation of​ a​ then trusted friend.
P&G: Teach the​ women in​ these programs how to​ tell up front that they're getting something from you​ to​ do this extra talking up of​ your products - they obviously weren't doing it​ before (judging by the​ increase in​ sales.) you​ can accomplish much the​ same thing if​ you​ offer the​ language skill set to​ enable them to​ do that with their friends.
If you​ don't,​ you​ risk getting the​ same image much of​ network marketing is​ stuck with right now:
P&G: the​ people who encourage their customers to​ use and abuse their friends for uh,​ well,​ in​ your case,​ a​ case of​ soap.
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