What Niche Marketing Is Not

Niche marketing is​ not about trying to​ sell your product or​ service to​ the​ world at​ large. as​ a​ small businessperson,​ you​ couldn't afford that kind of​ multi-million dollar advertising budget. it​ isn't possible. you​ can,​ however,​ with only a​ computer,​ an​ Internet connection and a​ good idea sell to​ a​ smaller audience using niche marketing.

Niche marketing is​ not about trying to​ compete. Competition is​ taken out of​ the​ equation when you​ do niche marketing. you​ aren't out there in​ the​ world lined up beside or​ behind a​ million other people who are selling the​ same thing you​ are selling. you​ are selling to​ a​ specific audience that you​ have created for yourself with your opt-in email list.

Niche marketing is​ not about selling to​ different people every day of​ the​ week. Once you​ have your list built,​ you​ can sell to​ the​ same people time and time again. By taking as​ much time as​ you​ need and putting forth enough effort to​ get to​ know the​ people who make up your list of​ buyers you​ can continue to​ sell to​ them.

Niche marketing is​ not about focusing on​ the​ big picture. it​ is​ about focusing on​ the​ small picture and the​ smaller the​ better. Narrowing your niche down to​ a​ very specific part of​ a​ larger market assures you​ of​ gaining a​ fair market share of​ that small part. the​ world is​ a​ big place and there are billions of​ people. you​ only need an​ infinitesimal portion of​ the​ population to​ have a​ huge list of​ potential buyers of​ your products or​ services.

Niche marketing is​ not about seeing only the​ impossibilities. Niche marketing is​ only about looking closely at​ the​ possibilities. Small possibilities converted to​ sales can equal big profits.
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