What My Cat Taught Me About Niche Marketing

What My Cat Taught Me About Niche Marketing
Some people are dog people,​ others are cat people .​
I'm a​ cat person .​
Regardless of​ which pet you​ prefer,​ we can all agree that pets enrich our lives in​ many ways .​
They provide unconditional affection,​ they don't care what we look like,​ and sometimes even they teach us a​ life lesson.
But I​ never expected my cat to​ teach me a​ marketing lesson! a​ niche marketing lesson,​ to​ be more precise.
At this point,​ the​ dog lovers reading this are saying that this cat person is​ crazy .​
But I'm not .​
Here's how it​ happened.
Like millions of​ other pet lovers,​ I​ bought plenty of​ pet toys .​
We all want to​ be able to​ interact with our pets,​ yet still have them not be bored when we're away.
My cat went through the​ usual toy assortment: feathers,​ balls with bells in​ them,​ foam balls,​ catnip,​ string,​ and an​ assortment of​ stuffed rodents .​
Because we all want the​ best for our furry friends,​ I​ bought the​ biggest stuffed rat I​ could find .​
It received an​ occasional sniff but was mostly ignored.
The medium-sized stuffed mice received more attention,​ but only if​ I​ moved the​ mouse or​ threw it​ for the​ cat .​
He wouldn't play with it​ on​ his own.
Then my cat was given a​ pair of​ tiny stuffed mice .​
I​ thought they were too small and would be ignored just as​ the​ giant rat was.
Boy was I​ wrong!
Like a​ lion on​ a​ gazelle,​ my cat pounced on​ the​ tiny mouse and gave it​ a​ beating it​ would never forget .​
He played mouse hockey through the​ house,​ scoring goals under the​ refrigerator and under the​ stove .​
He played baseball,​ tossing the​ mouse high into the​ air and catching it​ again,​ or​ hitting a​ home run on​ the​ way down .​
He played jungle lion,​ proudly carrying his prey back to​ his waiting pride (me!).
So what does all this warm fuzzy cat stuff have to​ do with online sales?
It's a​ metaphor for niche marketing .​
The cat is​ the​ consumer .​
The cat toys are your products .​
The ultimate goal is​ to​ match the​ former with the​ latter.
Your first product,​ the​ giant rat,​ was of​ vague interest to​ the​ consumer (the cat) .​
The consumer sniffed at​ your ad or​ sales page,​ but did not like what he smelled,​ and moved on​ .​
No sales.
Your second product,​ the​ medium-sized mice,​ were more interesting to​ the​ potential buyer .​
He would take action,​ but only after intensive prompting on​ your part .​
You would probably have to​ spend a​ lot on​ pay per click ads or​ gave away lots of​ bonuses to​ get his business .​
a​ few sales might be made,​ but it​ would be expensive to​ get those sales.
But your third product,​ the​ mini-mouse,​ was pure magic! Your cat consumer took one look,​ something in​ his brain clicked,​ and a​ sale was made .​
It was as​ if​ your product was a​ key that unlocked the​ part of​ the​ customer's brain that triggered the​ buying impulse .​
That's what my cat taught me about niche marketing .​
You must find a​ product that somebody desperately wants (preferably a​ large group of​ somebodies) .​
That product must be exactly what they were looking for,​ even if​ they didn't know they wanted it! It must be so tantalizing that your customer is​ more concerned about playing with his new toy than he or​ she is​ about paying for it.
You see,​ I​ made a​ classic info-product mistake with my cat .​
I​ gave him what I​ thought he would like .​
I​ wasted money promoting large stuffed rodents and heaps of​ other toys to​ him .​
What I​ didn't do is​ ask him what he needed and give him that!
Don't make the​ same mistake! Figure out what your customers want FIRST,​ and give them that .​
Then watch them pounce on​ it​ so fast that the​ payment process is​ almost an​ afterthought for them.
I have since learned that the​ mini-mice are about the​ same size as​ real mice .​
No wonder the​ cat was sold on​ them immediately! He had never seen a​ real mouse,​ but there was a​ mini-mouse sized niche in​ his brain that was instantly gratified by the​ smallest mouse toy.
Don't give your customers what you​ think they need .​
Ask them what they want,​ and give them that .​
Then you​ will have truly created a​ better mousetrap,​ and they will beat a​ path to​ your door (and your bank account)!
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