What Is Network Marketing

At times like this when you​ just want a​ quick definition - the​ dictionary comes in​ right handy .​
Network marketing is​ a​ business in​ which a​ distributor network is​ needed to​ build the​ business .​
Usually such businesses are also MLM in​ nature (payouts also occur at​ more than one level) .​
Network Marketing is​ sometimes also used incorrectly to​ indicate the​ business uses a​ network of​ product suppliers to​ offer a​ broader selection of​ products .​
It's usually used this way to​ differentiate themselves as​ a​ way to​ suggest their program is​ superior to​ other such programs .​
Clear as​ mud?
Okay let's go at​ it​ from another angle .​
If you're involved in​ an​ organization where you​ are actively trying to​ promote a​ product to​ just about everyone you​ can think of​ and you're told to​ get/sponsor people under you​ - you're involved in​ network marketing .​
And,​ these questions will likely ring some very loud bells for you.
Detest bugging your family,​ friends and people who fervently praying you​ won't bring up your 'business' opportunity? Cringe at​ the​ mere thought of​ 'following up' with your massage therapist after putting her on​ a​ third party call to​ explain your opportunity? Ever wished you​ could just carry on​ a​ conversation with someone without constantly thinking of​ ways to​ recruit them? Sick of​ being told Do more of​ it!' and you​ don't know what you're supposed to​ be doing more of? Tired of​ hounding people you​ know couldn't care less about your business? If you​ answered yes to​ these questions,​ you're involved in​ network marketing.
The biggest thing you'll have issues with is​ HOW you're supposed to​ get leads to​ buy what you're offering .​
It involves your enroller (your upline) and your recruits (your downline) .​
the​ upline is​ tells you​ what to​ do,​ how to​ do it​ - sort of .​
Uplines don't always tell you​ everything you​ REALLY need to​ know .​
I.E .​
buy your leads for .74 cents (but you​ have to​ buy 200) Things are not what they appear to​ be .​
Hang in​ or​ bale? Only experience will help you​ make up your mind.
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