Vital Online Tax Resources For Small Businesses

Vital Online Tax Resources for Small Businesses
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Simple questions are often the​ most difficult to​ answer .​
Or so it​ seems when dealing with the​ government .​
Small businesses have enough to​ worry about around tax time without having to​ struggle to​ find the​ information they desperately need .​
So,​ we have done much of​ the​ work for you.

Below you'll find a​ list of​ valuable online tax resources every small business should bookmark .​
You'll find they put a​ world of​ information right at​ your fingertips .​
They also offer contact information for agencies you​ may need to​ deal with directly.

New York State Department of​ Taxation and Finance - - New York state residents can easily pay their taxes online via this secure site .​
By clicking the​ links at​ the​ top of​ the​ page,​ you​ can also print forms and find contact information for customer service .​
If you​ don't live in​ New York State,​ you​ can find out if​ your state offers the​ same type of​ program by typing pay [name of​ your state] state tax online (without quote marks or​ brackets) into your favorite search engine .​

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System - - Tired of​ having to​ take your federal tax deposits to​ the​ bank? you​ can save yourself a​ lot of​ time by signing up for an​ online payment account .​
It only takes a​ few minutes to​ arrange,​ and then you​ will be able to​ remit federal tax payments online instead of​ at​ your local bank branch.

Social Security Administration - - Definitely a​ site to​ bookmark! Here you​ can get detailed information about the​ Social Security program,​ calculate your estimated retirement or​ disability benefits,​ access great info about the​ Social Security Administration which allows you​ to​ calculate your social security benefits,​ apply for benefits,​ print forms and publications and more .​
Employers can verify a​ worker's SSN,​ contact the​ Administration directly and get other types of​ help.

University of​ the​ State of​ New York,​ State Education Department - - Did you​ know the​ state of​ New York requires acupuncturists,​ landscapers and midwives to​ be licensed? They do! Those,​ along with many other professionals,​ are required to​ apply for and receive a​ license prior to​ performing work .​
on​ this site you​ can find out which professions should be licensed and which specific businesses hold valid licenses .​

Tax Almanac - - This free online tax resource consists of​ an​ open community,​ including a​ discussion forum,​ a​ current-events page and updates on​ recent tax changes .​
An excellent resource for small businesses.

When you​ know where to​ find the​ information you're seeking,​ staying up to​ date with your payroll,​ quarterly,​ annual and other taxes is​ much easier .​
These sites will give you​ a​ wonderful start to​ finding answers to​ your questions,​ plus forms and resources to​ help ensure your tax liabilities are met with the​ least amount of​ frustration possible .​

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