Turnkey Online Businesses The Sad Reality

Millions of​ people are looking for that dream business,​ one where you​ just have to​ buy a​ package,​ switch it​ on​ and the​ money rolls in,​ without you​ doing a​ thing. it​ is​ a​ dream.

Even businesses that are sold on​ this turnkey model,​ require you​ to​ spend time and money promoting your business.

Turnkey Businesses you​ will find include online pharmacies,​ po​rn sites and gambling sites. you​ will be snowed under with the​ number of​ website template sites,​ hosting promotion companies and logo design opportunities. These markets are all very competitive and you​ will need to​ spend a​ lot on​ site promotion to​ get your site to​ the​ first few pages of​ the​ search engines.

You will also find affiliate schemes and people who claim to​ have made a​ fortune just as​ affiliates. Most of​ these people are lying.

An affiliate scheme pays you​ a​ percentage of​ every sale that is​ made from your site. the​ company provides the​ site,​ but your site will only be found if​ you​ spend money on​ promoting it.

Affiliate products can be solid ones like books,​ CDs or​ clothes. the​ method also lends itself to​ the​ sale of​ downloadable software,​ newsletters and affiliate marketing plans.

Internet marketing is​ still most often used to​ sell the​ dream of​ Internet Marketing to​ naive individuals who expect to​ make thousands of​ dollars in​ a​ few weeks. Indeed the​ marketing copy often promises just that,​ with a​ few legalistic disclaimers for the​ vendor's protection.

The idea of​ a​ book salesman earning all of​ his money from recruiting other book salesmen is​ called Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). MLM is​ illegal in​ most countries. Yet that is​ what most Internet Marketers are selling.

Forget it​ - it​ does not work. Too many people have gone before you. the​ gold is​ all gone.

99% of​ those who venture onto the​ Internet to​ make money fail. They spend money indiscriminately,​ buying unrelated products in​ their search for the​ Holy Grail.

They fall victim to​ Information Overload,​ switching tracks every three or​ four days and getting distracted from an​ idea that would work,​ given time,​ to​ another idea.

There are a​ few simple rules that will help reduce your chances of​ failure;

· Lock your credit cards away
· Read,​ read,​ read
· Research online,​ research in​ books,​ research by talking to​ people
· Analyze your own talents,​ likes and dislikes
· Build a​ business around an​ interest that you​ already have
· Stick with it

Many people dream of​ running their own business and of​ giving up the​ day job. Most of​ these only have the​ most basic of​ skills needed and recognize that their business would not stand a​ great chance of​ success.

A franchise is​ the​ answer for many of​ these would-be entrepreneurs.

A franchise works by the​ franchiser selling a​ business plan to​ the​ franchisee. the​ fee paid may include marketing,​ a​ site,​ vehicles in​ company livery and training. Franchise businesses have a​ much greater chance of​ success because the​ franchisee has training,​ guidance and supervision in​ the​ early stages. This support is​ expensive and the​ franchisee may have to​ pay a​ percentage of​ turnover or​ profits to​ the​ franchiser.

You may find franchises from unscrupulous business owners who have decided to​ offer franchises in​ an​ unproven business to​ make a​ quick buck. you​ need to​ research any potential franchise in​ great detail and to​ make sure the​ franchiser is​ part of​ a​ Franchise Member Group. if​ possible you​ should talk to​ others with the​ same franchise and try to​ benefit from their experience.

Franchise operations do offer a​ supported and easier route into running your own business than just going alone,​ but there can be heavy upfront costs.

Home businesses come in​ many varieties; from Internet based,​ to​ office cleaning,​ from car bodywork repairs to​ dental drill repair franchises. the​ scope is​ enormous.

There are many franchise operations that sell themselves as​ home-based businesses. the​ ones above will give you​ some idea of​ the​ range available. What most people mean when they are talking about home businesses are Internet opportunities. These really are home-based businesses that can be run by someone at​ home,​ in​ between looking after the​ children and shopping.

Many people have spent money buying Internet businesses and never got a​ penny back. the​ so-called gurus make money by telling people about their own success methods and marketing techniques. This market is​ overcrowded and very,​ very few people make any money in​ it​ at​ all.
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