Tumbling Mortgage Rates Resulting To Tight Market Situation

Tumbling Mortgage Rates resulting to​ tight market situation
Mortgage rates tumbled,​ as​ short-term mortgage rates shot up higher sending the​ share of​ variable rate applications tumbling .​
The share of​ adjustable rate mortgage application sank though a​ big drop in​ yield of​ the​ 1year Treasury-indexed ARM may change that .​
However,​ latest report suggests that late payments on​ subprime adjustable-rate mortgages have increased for eight consecutive quarters and currently sit near 17%,​ while delinquency improved on​ the​ fixed rate mortgages and loans insured by the​ Federal Housing Administration .​
Fueled by activity in​ just four states,​ foreclosure continued to​ rise during the​ latest quarter.
Among the​ rising fears,​ one is​ that the​ sub-prime mortgage crisis is​ beginning to​ infect America’s $300 car loan market as​ evidence emerges of​ a​ surge in​ the​ numbers of​ motorists in​ arrears .​
Lenders who made more than 40,​000 sub-prime car loans in​ 2018 saw the​ percentage on​ those in​ arrears jump from 6.8% to​ 8%,​ while smaller lenders who lend to​ offer loans to​ higher risk customers saw their arrears levels more than double from 6.2% in​ 2018 to​ 14.6% in​ 2018 .​
Wall Street is​ worried that the​ same mortgage borrowers who are falling behind with their home loan repayments will also miss repayments on​ their car loans.
The housing slump in​ the​ country is​ causing financial pain to​ banks that provided expensive home loans to​ low-income householders with poor credit ratings .​
The sub-prime car loan market targets the​ same risky borrowers .​
Like the​ mortgage market,​ sub-prime car loan companies package loans and sell them to​ financial investors.
Tighter lending conditions around expanding subprime mortgage market could even splash some cold water on​ the​ housing sector in​ the​ months ahead .​
Some lenders in​ the​ alternative mortgage market have already jacked up mortgage rates or​ withdrawn products in​ the​ face of​ rising costs .​
Several subprime lenders even have raised their mortgage rates by 100 basis points in​ the​ past three weeks .​
Commenting on​ the​ impact of​ the​ issue,​ Alex Haditaghi,​ chief executive officer of​ MotgageBrokers.Com,​ a​ publicly traded mortgage company,​ said,​ it​ will affect not all consumers,​ but a​ niche market however,​ that niche market is​ one with very active house buyers.
Most economists figure that the​ market is​ ripe for a​ slowdown anyway .​
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation,​ for example,​ expects housing starts will slip 3% this year and about 6% next year .​
However,​ the​ credit squeeze is​ on​ the​ run that began in​ the​ US and has rippled throughout the​ world as​ a​ potential risk.
Earnings and liquidity continue to​ preoccupy executives and boardrooms of​ mortgage companies though some merger activity maintained .​
But as​ lenders grapple with unprecedented chaos in​ the​ mortgage market,​ class action attorneys are busy filing numerous lawsuits alleging investors were deceived.
Global markets continued to​ reflect concerns about economic impact of​ the​ crisis .​
The dollar fell to​ a​ record low against the​ euro and US equities also decline .​
Although some markets have already improved since the​ turmoil but the​ crisis would unwind at​ different rates in​ different markets.
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