Transitioning Your Business Online

The Internet is​ providing your brick-and-mortar business an​ opportunity to​ serve your customers online. Having an​ web presence doesn’t mean that you​ will abandon your brick-and-mortar business,​ rather one becomes the​ extension of​ the​ other. Making that transition from a​ brick-and-mortar business to​ an​ online business can be a​ challenging task. Having an​ online presence is​ going to​ compliment your existing business,​ but it​ is​ going to​ require a​ real commitment from you​ and your employees.

Whether or​ not your brick-and-mortar business becomes a​ click-and-order business,​ your initial goal must be to​ integrate your online presence into your existing business infrastructure. Wal-Mart,​ Staples,​ and many other successful brick-and-mortar businesses have made the​ transition. Moving online doesn’t mean abandoning your brick-and-mortar presence,​ rather it​ is​ to​ compliment it.

As you​ develop your online presence you​ are all of​ a​ sudden in​ the​ convenience business. But convenience is​ meaningless if​ your customers can’t trust you. Trust and convenience doesn’t add up to​ anything unless your customers can find your site online. And,​ if​ you​ are too expensive all the​ trust in​ the​ world will not help you​ to​ close the​ sale.


Proper planning is​ everything! to​ improve your chances for succeeding online,​ you​ must have goals. as​ you​ map out your online strategy set measurable objectives. It’s not enough to​ hire a​ web developer to​ build you​ a​ site and hope for the​ best. Be clear about what the​ transition,​ or​ expansion,​ to​ the​ Internet means to​ your business. Make conscious decisions about expanding business into cyberspace,​ and consider its impact on​ your sales,​ marketing,​ customer service,​ and all other business processes.


Bricks-and-clicks is​ a​ business model that unites offline (bricks) and online (clicks) presences. Sometimes,​ referred to​ as​ click-and-mortar or​ clicks-and-bricks. This model has been traditionally implemented by brick-and-mortar businesses such as​ Wal-Mart and Blockbuster. Bricks-and-clicks is​ a​ popular system because it​ offers best of​ both worlds,​ online convenience without the​ shipping charges. With this system customers can order online and pick up at​ a​ local store at​ a​ later date. For example,​ you​ may have an​ accounting firm that creates a​ website to​ enable clients to​ upload payroll data for processing.
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