Training The New Network Marketing Distributor Laying Down A Track To Run On Step 1 Of 3

Training the​ New Network Marketing Distributor: Laying Down a​ Track to​ Run on​ – Step 1 of​ 3
Most people who get into a​ network marketing program want things to​ happen quickly .​
Initial presentations usually touch on​ the​ way money can be made,​ and the​ numbers often look staggering .​
What most of​ those initial presentations don’t explain is​ how difficult it​ is​ to​ get started and to​ acquire the​ skills needed for success in​ network marketing .​
For many new distributors,​ this is​ their first venture into network marketing .​
They are unsure about how to​ begin and often are tentative in​ their initial approaches .​
That can be the​ kiss of​ death for a​ presentation .​
After all,​ who wants to​ go into business with someone who is​ not sure about what they are doing?
To be successful in​ network marketing,​ new distributors need to​ learn from someone who is​ already successful .​
When new distributors know how to​ proceed,​ they can build their downline with confidence .​
Only one person in​ a​ hundred is​ a​ self-starter .​
The other 99 will require that you​ invest time into their success,​ and show them how to​ begin .​
There are three steps to​ building your downline:
1. Laying Down a​ Track to​ Run On
2. Being a​ Good MLM Sponsor
3. Working Depth With Your MLM Downline
Today,​ let’s talk about the​ first step,​ i.e.
Step 1 -- Laying Down a​ Track to​ Run On
Making sure your downline has a​ track to​ run on​ means they must first learn about the​ company:
• facts and information about the​ management team;
• product features and benefits;
• compensation plan and how you​ make money;
• enrolling prospects and order processing;
• who your upline is; and
• developing their presentation portfolio.
In addition to​ the​ above,​ having a​ track to​ run on​ involves knowing how to:
• develop effective communication skills,​ i.e .​
to​ speak with people in​ a​ way that reduces tension,​ neutralizes objections,​ and increases participation;
• use tools (e.g .​
websites,​ CDs & DVDs,​ newspapers,​ brochures,​ etc.);
• promote home meetings,​ regional gatherings and conventions;
• share information with warm and cold market,​ leads,​ referrals;
• edify upline leaders; and
• conduct an​ effective 3 way call .​
When you​ sign up a​ new distributor,​ immediately have them make a​ list of​ ten prospects .​
Then,​ you​ should send each of​ those prospects some company information and a​ short note stating that you​ are sending the​ information to​ them at​ the​ request of​ a​ mutual friend .​
If you​ have an​ informational website,​ include the​ URL in​ your letter .​
After the​ information has gone out,​ have your new distributors follow up with their prospects and set up a​ three-way call.

When you​ do this,​ you​ (1) get your new distributors to​ immediately begin building their organization,​ (2) get sponsor and distributor working together,​ and (3) your new distributors will know what to​ do when they sign up someone,​ i.e .​
exactly what you​ have done for them! This stimulates business and creates tremendous momentum in​ the​ downline .​
Sounds simple,​ but many sponsors violate this strategy .​
If it’s done right,​ and your new distributors see how easy your success is​ to​ duplicate,​ you​ will find that them running on​ that same track,​ teaching their downline how to​ get started .​
You’ll see business builders emerging,​ and that’s when your business will really take off.
Bruce Bailey,​ Ph.D .​
Training The New Network Marketing Distributor Laying Down A Track To Run On Step 1 Of 3 Training The New Network Marketing Distributor Laying Down A Track To
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