Training The New Network Marketing Distributor Being A Good Mlm Sponsor Step 2 Of 3

Training the​ New Network Marketing Distributor: Being a​ Good MLM Sponsor – Step 2 of​ 3
In Step 1,​ we talked about Laying Down a​ Track to​ Run on​ .​
Here,​ in​ Step 2,​ we’ll discuss Being a​ Good Sponsor .​
While many of​ the​ people you​ recruit into your organization may have had previous experience in​ network marketing,​ many will be first timers .​
Similarly,​ if​ you’ve been successful in​ recruiting people who were involved in​ other network marketing organizations,​ you​ got them because they were disenchanted with their current company .​
In other words,​ they weren’t as​ successful as​ they would have liked to​ be.
Wouldn’t that indicate to​ you​ that they don’t know the​ best way to​ do things? Well,​ that’s where you​ come in​ – helping them lay that track for others to​ run on​ .​
Again,​ when new distributors know what works,​ they can proceed with confidence,​ and confidence is​ the​ handmaiden of​ success .​
Remember,​ people are not duplicable,​ but systems are .​
Step 2 -- Being a​ Good Sponsor
Being a​ good sponsor means showing your new distributors the​ Rules:
Rule No .​
1: Treat it​ Like a​ Business.
In order to​ be successful,​ your new distributors must truly want success,​ be coachable,​ and follow through on​ their commitments .​
In other words,​ they need to​ treat this business like a​ business.
Rule No .​
2: Keep it​ simple.
If they can follow a​ simple procedure (see Part 1),​ they will use the​ same system with their contacts .​
If they can see that what you​ did was simple,​ they will believe they can do it,​ too .​
If you​ had to​ really work on​ them,​ more or​ less bullying them into the​ business,​ your new distributors will not want to​ duplicate what you​ did and will not take any action .​
Rule No .​
3: Determine Their Reasons.
If you​ know what your new distributor wants from this venture,​ that is,​ why they want to​ succeed,​ you​ can understand how to​ get them over the​ rough spots and keep them on​ the​ road to​ success .​
Remember,​ most people will be tempted to​ quit with the​ first setback because they were never clear on​ what they wanted to​ achieve in​ the​ first place .​
If their why is​ strong enough,​ the​ how will be easier to​ get across.
Rule No .​
4: Establish Objectives.
Set specific sponsoring and financial objectives for the​ first 30,​ 60,​ and 90 days .​
People always perform better when they have specific goals in​ mind.
Rule No .​
5: Introduce Your Upline
Introduce new distributors to​ their upline,​ those leaders who are building a​ successful business and who are earning the​ type of​ income they’d like to​ earn .​
That way,​ if​ you’re not available to​ help them,​ they will have names and telephone numbers of​ others (you should give them at​ least 3) who they can contact for support .​
Further,​ by meeting others who are earning the​ type of​ income they'd like to​ earn,​ the​ system becomes more realistic and attainable.
Rule No .​
6: Where’s the​ Tools?
Make sure they know how to​ get the​ tools they will need to​ share the​ business with others.,​ such as​ tapes/CDs,​ brochures,​ business cards,​ etc .​
Every business needs information to​ disseminate with prospects .​
This one is​ no exception .​
Remember,​ people are not duplicable,​ but systems are .​
Rule No .​
7: Make a​ Prospect List.
Although everyone who makes a​ list doesn’t necessarily become a​ top earner,​ every top earner has a​ list .​
Typically,​ they’ll start with their Warm Market,​ because that’s the​ people they know .​
At this point,​ your new distributor should be ready to​ go .​
They have their reason why clearly in​ mind,​ specific objectives for the​ next 90 days,​ their upline's contact information for plenty of​ support,​ the​ tools to​ get started,​ and a​ list of​ people to​ contact.
Having said that,​ remember Rule No .​
8: Let Them Move at​ Their Own Pace.
Sponsoring a​ distributor is​ a​ process,​ not a​ single event .​
If they don't want to​ move as​ fast as​ you​ do,​ that’s OK .​
You can’t change human nature .​
People will only do what they are willing to​ do .​
Encourage,​ yes,​ but don’t try to​ force people into something they aren’t willing to​ do.
Bruce Bailey,​ Ph.D.
Training The New Network Marketing Distributor Being A Good Mlm Sponsor Step 2 Of 3 Training The New Network Marketing Distributor Being A Good Mlm Sponsor
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