Traffic Secrets For Your Online Business

Domain Names

A great domain name will complement your traffic building efforts. Register a​ domain name that’s easy to​ remember. Stay away from long hard to​ spell domain names. Also,​ avoid domain names with hyphens and numbers. Ask yourself,​ “Will people remember my domain name?” Test the​ domain name with your friends,​ family,​ and existing customers. Ask them about their opinion. you​ might love the​ domain name,​ while others would struggle with spelling or​ remembering it.

If you​ must have the​ hard to​ spell domain name,​ buy the​ misspelled version too. Domain names are cheap to​ register. It’s worth buying domains that might be mistyped or​ misspelled versions of​ your primary domain. For a​ small investment,​ you​ can correct your customers spelling errors.

Make your domain name easy to​ read. Which of​ the​ following is​ easier to​ read? or​ Capitalizing the​ first letter of​ each word helps your reader. the​ easier it​ is​ to​ read the​ easier it​ is​ to​ remember. Don’t buy the​ .net version of​ a​ domain if​ the​ .com version is​ no longer available. Having the​ .net version only is​ going to​ result in​ loss of​ revenue for your business to​ the​ business that owns the​ .com version of​ the​ domain.


Submit your site to​ directories. There are several major directories such as​ “The Open Directory Project” you​ should consider,​ but don’t ignore the​ smaller niche directories either. a​ listing in​ a​ directory will result in​ a​ link to​ your site. More importantly,​ the​ link is​ from a​ relevant directory category. Another advantage of​ links from directories is​ that they are one-way links pointing to​ your site,​ which is​ considered more valuable than reciprocal links.


A reliable web hosting company has to​ be part of​ your traffic building strategy. There is​ nothing more frustrating than clicking on​ a​ search result that leads to​ a​ website that is​ offline. Selecting an​ inadequate hosting company could result in​ loss of​ traffic. you​ work hard to​ drive traffic to​ your site. Don’t let a​ substandard hosting company undo your efforts.

Some directories offer free listings while others only offer paid listings. Paid listings usually result in​ faster listings while free listings can take months or​ longer. in​ addition to​ the​ financial commitment to​ getting your site listed in​ directories,​ there is​ a​ significant time commitment. Directory listings can be easily outsourced on​ websites such as​ Another alternative is​ to​ hire a​ student.
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