Top Tips For Good Nutrition This Thanksgiving

Top Tips For Good Nutrition This Thanksgiving
To many,​ good nutrition and​ thanksgiving dinner seem to​ cancel each other out. ​
However it​ should be possible and​ even easy to​ make a​ nutritious meal that is​ a​ pleasure to​ share with friends and​ family. ​
Here are a​ few tips to​ help you​ make your holiday meals healthy ones too. ​

Prepare a​ wide variety of​ foods. ​
Traditional thanksgiving stories tell us of​ meals that contained wide varieties of​ dishes reflecting the​ backgrounds of​ the​ many people who came together for these meals and​ to​ give thanks. ​
The nutritional benefit of​ eating from a​ wide variety of​ foods is​ you​ gain a​ wider variety of​ nutrients. ​
Also,​ you​ are less likely to​ overload on​ a​ single type of​ food. ​
if ​ you​ don’t have time to​ prepare a​ large number of​ dishes,​ many grocery stores sell prepared dishes that you​ can add to​ the​ variety of​ dishes you’re cooking yourself. ​
Gourmet grocery stores often prepare these dishes on​ site.
Try some simple recipes. ​
Instead of​ making the​ obligatory green bean casserole with mushroom soup and​ fried onions,​ how about a​ simple green bean dish with a​ dash of​ sea salt? Substitute yams,​ cooked in​ butter with marshmallows and​ brown sugar,​ with a​ more simple preparation of​ yams. ​
You may be surprised at ​ how much people enjoy the​ taste of​ the​ original ingredients.
Be careful of​ portion sizes. ​
An ideal meal is​ derived from all of​ the​ food groups and​ should include a​ wide variety of​ individual foods. ​
Instead of​ loading up your plate with mashed potatoes,​ start with smaller portions of​ everything that has been prepared. ​
if ​ you​ would like a​ second helping,​ follow the​ same procedure. ​
By eating from a​ wider variety of​ foods you​ will be providing your body with a​ more complex array of​ nutrients and​ you’ll be able to​ enjoy the​ many flavors as​ well.
Pace yourself. ​
Unless you’re on​ call for surgery,​ you​ probably have a​ little time. ​
Instead of​ jumping right into your second helping,​ consider a​ short intermission and​ burn some calories by helping out with the​ dishes. ​
By eating more slowly,​ your body will give you​ signals when you​ are full. ​
if ​ there are leftovers you​ can always eat them later.
Thanksgiving is​ a​ time to​ be thankful for all of​ the​ things that we have. ​
it​ is​ a​ time for us to​ remember and​ reflect on​ the​ things that are important in​ our lives that we so often take for granted. ​
The sharing of​ a​ meal with friends and​ family is​ a​ wonderful event and​ is​ cherished by nearly all cultures. ​
So take pleasure in​ the​ eating and​ the​ sharing of​ food but also consider the​ nourishment that food gives you​ and​ be thankful and​ give honor to​ the​ abundance which you​ have to​ share.
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